Saturday's Four-ball
B. Weekley                  
J. B. Holmes
L. Westwood                  
S. Hansen
Saturday Four-Ball
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Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
B. Weekley 3 4 3 4 4 3 3 5 2 3
J. Holmes 4 4 4 3 4 4 4
L. Westwood 3 4 3 3 4 5 3 3 4
S. Hansen 4 4 5 5 2 5 3 4
Match Progress
AS AS AS AS AS 1Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 3Up 2Up 2Up 1Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 2Up
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484The Americans were in control from the start on the first hole, with both Boo Weekley and J.B. Holmes safely in the fairway and Lee Westwood and Soren Hansen on opposite sides of the rough. While both teams took different paths to get to the green, the outcome was the same. Weekley hit a decent approach from 93 yards out and left himself about 20 feet for birdie. Westwood, from heavy right rough, knocked his approach to 18 feet. Both players made birdie to halve the hole.
25054Both sides made routine pars on the second hole for another halve to keep the match square.
32063All four players were able to find the green with their respective tee shots. Hansen was the closest, putting it to within 12 feet of the hole. None of the players were able to convert their birdie putts, pars were conceded and the match remained square.
43754Weekley had a chance to win the hole for the Americans, but pulled his 8-footer for birdie just left of the cup and settled for par. It was pars all around once again and the match remained all-square.
54634Another good chance for Weekley to give the Americans the advantage, but it was squandered as his birdie putt from 15 feet trickled past the left side of the hole. Hansen still had a 10-footer left for par after running into bunker trouble off the tee and right rough issues out of the bunker, but he made the clutch putt for the halve to keep the match all-square.
65004Weekley continued to be the strong half of the U.S. team. All four players struggled at No. 6, but Weekley hit an outstanding chip shot from the collection area just to the right of the green. The ball settled just 2 feet from the hole. After Holmes, Westwood and Hansen all missed putts for par, Weekley cleaned up his par to win the hole and give the U.S. its first lead of the match at 1-up.
76015Holmes has come alive. After the foursome was warned that they had been put on the clock for slow play on the tee, Holmes found the right edge of the fairway with his drive, which was short by his standards. With 236 yards left to the hole, Holmes pushed a fairway wood into the right rough well short of the green. From there, he played a delicate flop shot that rolled out 15 feet past the flag and managed to come back and make the birdie putt. Westwood had a chance to answer Holmes' birdie, but couldn't get the job done, and the Americans won the hole to move to 2-up.
81804Westwood, Hansen and Weekley all missed the green long, nearly put each of their balls into a sprinkler head. Holmes, however, hit the green. All three took out the putters. Hansen came up well short over the hump. Weekley judged it perfectly, coming to within a couple of feet, as did Westwood. The only drama from here was whether Holmes could hit his 20-foot birdie putt to take the hole. He didn't, and the hole is halved.
94164A big drive by Weekley was followed by a second shot that got just over the flagstick. Hansen, after an equally impressive drive, knocked his second shot within about 8 feet. Weekley and Holmes both missed their birdie putts, giving Hansen a chance to win the hole, but he missed his birdie putt as well. The hole was halved. The U.S. remains 2-up.
105945Holmes bombed a 375-yard drive and flew his second shot to the green within 8 feet, giving him a shot at eagle. Weekley chipped over the green and chipped back. Westwood got a conceded par. Hansen hit a birdie putt much too far, forcing the Europeans to concede the hole. The U.S. is now 3-up.
112083Holmes hit his tee shot fat, leaving it well short. Weekley hit his first into the first cut of rough. Westwood played a high, slight draw, but stayed below that first mound on the green. Hansen hit his first shot a mile high and to the back of the green. Hansen then hit the long birdie bomb to win the hole for the Europeans. U.S. still leads the match, now 2-up.
124644Weekley got a big break here. After misjudging the distance on a birdie putt, everyone else on the hole missed par putts. Weekley pulled his par putt, and the hole was halved by bogeys. The U.S. continues to lead, 2-up.
133524All four players laid up off the tee. Westwood hit his second shot past the green. Weekley hit his to about 14 feet. Hansen hit to about 10 feet. Holmes was also left with a reasonable birdie putt. Westwood's birdie putt fell a few inches short. Holmes' effort broke left and skated by the hole. Weekley missed his birdie putt to the left, as well. Hansen made his birdie try to pull the Europeans to within one.
142153Westwood and Hansen both missed the green into the bunker. Weekley hit a strong tee shot to the green. Holmes hit a bit short, but still on the green. Holmes' birdie try fell about 6 feet short. Out of the bunker, Hansen's ball ran past the hole. Westwood, likely fearful of duplicating his partner's effort, chunked his shot short. Weekley made his putt from the fringe to take the hole. U.S. is now 2-up.
154344Hansen hit his second shot well out of the bunker, but Weekley hit his outstanding, to within about a foot and a half. From the fairway, Westwood found the green, but well behind Weekley's ball. Holmes stuck his second shot to about 10 feet. Westwood made his birdie putt, putting heat on the Americans. Holmes missed his birdie try, leaving it to Weekley to halve the hole, which he did. The U.S. remains 2-up with 3 to play.
165114Holmes ripped a 356-yard bomb to the middle of the fairway. All found the fairway, except for Hansen, who was into the left rough. Westwood found the green with his second shot, leaving himself a pretty straight but lengthy birdie putt. Holmes also found the green, but also left a lengthy birdie putt from behind the hole. Weekley hit his second shot to the left greenside bunker, but blasted out nicely. Holmes read the putt perfectly, but the ball stopped inches short of the cup. Hansen missed his par putt. Westwood missed his birdie putt, but made his par putt. The U.S. is now dormie, 2-up with 2 holes to play.
174774Weekley spun short of the green on his second shot, but Holmes and both Europeans found it. Weekley was again short and Holmes missed his birdie putt on the left edge, leaving the Europeans two chances at birdie to stay alive in the match. Hansen hit first and missed, leaving Westwood as the only man to extend the match. He lipped out, giving the win to Holmes and Weekley, 2 and 1.