Saturday's Four-ball
B. Curtis                  
S. Stricker
S. Garcia                  
P. Casey
Saturday Four-Ball
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Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
B. Curtis 4 3 4 4 5 3 4 3 4
S. Stricker 3 3 4 4 2 3 4 4 4
S. Garcia 4 3 4 4 2 4 4 4 3 3 4
P. Casey 4 3 4 3 4 4 4
Match Progress
AS 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Casey boomed his first drive of the day down the first, coming to rest some 78 yards from the green of this 448-yard par 4. Garcia was in decent shape in the second cut of rough on the left. Curtis found the opposite side to the Spaniard. Curtis played in first from a poor lie and landed at the back of the green. Stricker took the lead for the USA with a fine approach to around 15 feet. Garcia overcooked his second to the back of the green, but Casey took the initiative for Europe, landing his lob wedge inside Stricker's ball, around 12 feet from the hole. Curtis lagged his first putt toward the cup. Casey was closer to the hole but putted first for Europe, and pushed it 3 feet past. Garcia knocked it stone dead from about 50 feet. Curtis holed for par from 8 feet to allow Stricker a free run at the birdie putt for the hole, but the American missed his chance. All-square.
25054Garcia nailed his drive down the second, carrying the ridge on the left-hand side and onto the fairway. Casey took 3-wood down the right side of the fairway. Curtis found the fairway, while Sticker was just off the short stuff on the left-hand side. Casey's high approach came to rest around 25 feet from the pin before Curtis punched a great iron shot to 12 feet. Garcia put his ball inside Curtis to around 8 feet. Stricker, the ball above his feet, found the right-hand bunker then chipped out to 10 feet. Garcia putted first for Europe, but a poor stroke saw his ball slide past. Casey, farther from the hole, went next but missed, leaving Curtis the chance to win the hole. The American made no mistake, sinking his first birdie of the 2008 Ryder Cup.
32063Garcia hit a nice 6-iron to 15 feet on the 206-yard par 3. Casey pulled his approach into the left-hand bunker. Curtis was short left on the fringe. Stricker was as short as Curtis, around 60 feet, but on the green. Curtis hugged the lip of the bunker with his putt and it released around 6 feet past, while his teammate was 3 feet short. Garcia missed another birdie chance. USA stays 1-up.
43754Stricker landed just short of the green with his drive. Curtis found the fairway. Garcia was short left and chased up a beautiful approach to 3 feet. Stricker had a short pitch and joined Garcia close to the cup. Casey's huge drive into the bunker paid off as he splashed out to 3 feet. Curtis missed his birdie chance, but Stricker holed out. Casey matched him, and the USA remains 1-up.
54634Stricker found the fairway off the tee, while Curtis found the bunker. Garcia knocked it past Stricker in the middle of the fairway. Stricker, with 161 yards to the flag, struck a 7-iron to 30 feet. Casey, from the left rough, left his 9-iron short of the green. Garcia also had a 9-iron and also left his approach short, then chipped up short of the hole. Stricker missed his birdie chance and Garcia knocked his par putt in for a halve. USA 1-up.
65004Curtis' approach was short left. Stricker found the putting surface in 2. Casey was unlucky to have his approach roll back down to the bottom tier of the green. Garcia also left himself on the lower level of the green. Curtis chipped to 14 feet. Garcia hit a fine putt to 2 feet, which is conceded. Curtis holed out for par from 8 feet to halve the hole. USA 1-up.
76015Curtis hit a brilliant approach, a fairway wood onto the green. Casey responded with a towering iron to 8 feet. Stricker, with a hybrid club, bounced through the green. Garcia landed it on the green and it rolled out to 20 feet. Curtis was first to putt for eagle. He missed but left an easy birdie chance. Garcia's putt drifted past, as did Casey's even better chance. Stricker knocked his 6-footer to halve in birdie. USA 1-up.
81804Both American players hit identical approaches to around 18 feet. Garcia's approach ran back down the sloping green, but the Spaniard exploded into life by holing a monster putt and going crazy. A classic Garcia Ryder Cup moment. Stricker responded instantly by holing his own difficult putt as the match afternoon got a much-needed injection of adrenaline.
94164Curtis led the USA off the tee with a fine drive. Stricker followed his teammate with a booming drive. Garcia found the thick rough on the right, but Casey smashed one down the left. The players left the tee to a chant of "U-S-A! U-S-A!". Curtis hit his approach to 25 feet. Casey put it well inside him, but Stricker outdid the Englishman with a fine approach. Curtis' birdie chance missed, but he secured the par. Casey's putt never looked like threatening the hole. Stricker's effort is the same as the Englishman. USA 1-up
105945Garcia was unlucky not to find the green with his fairway wood approach. Stricker ran his ball into the left rough at the green before Curtis did the same thing. Casey followed them to an almost identical spot. Curtis showed Stricker and Casey how difficult their pitch is by running off the back of the green. Casey took a different approach and played it well, but was still 12 feet from the cup. Stricker played the best shot of the three to 8 feet. Garcia nearly chipped in for eagle; one more turn and it would have been in. Stricker couldn't make his birdie putt, though, and Europe won the hole. All-square.
112083Casey's 7-iron pitched a few inches from the hole but ran well past. Curtis hit a clever approach, using the contours of the green to work his ball toward the hole. Stricker also hit a fine shot to around 25 feet. Casey's 35-foot birdie chance was just too strong. Curtis' birdie effort, from a similar distance to Casey's, slipped past. Stricker also had a birdie chance, but the American shaved the hole on the left. The match stays all-square.
124644Stricker missed the green with his approach but his playing partner found the top tier of the green, leaving a tricky downhill putt. Casey played a great approach; with the ball below his feet and the wind cutting across the fairway, the Englishman planted his approach 12 feet from the hole. Casey shaved the right edge of the hole with his putt. Curtis holed a 5-footer to halve the hole and keep it all-square.
133524Curtis found the back left of the green with his second shot. Casey almost holed his approach, setting up an easy-looking birdie putt. Garcia went close, too. Stricker hit a huge drive but his approach just ran off the back of the green. He did still have a good birdie chance. Curtis putted first, from 25 feet, and caught the lip as it rolled past. Stricker was up next and holed out from off the green. Garcia followed him in to halve. All-square.
142153Garcia hit a towering 5-iron, pin-high on the back right fringe of the 215-yard par 3. Casey found the left-hand trap above the pin. Curtis backed off his tee shot as a leaf blew into his vision on the tee. He re-addressed the ball and was unlucky as his ball climbed the ridge on the green but didn't make it to the top and came back down to the bottom tier, leaving a long birdie putt. Stricker suffered the same fate. Stricker was away; his ball climbed the ridge but stopped well short of the hole. Curtis took his lead from his teammate and left his ball inches from the hole. A brilliant putt guaranteed his par. Casey splashed out of the sand to 4 feet. Garcia's audacious chip ran close but stayed above ground. All-square.
154344Curtis had a tricky, lengthy birdie putt. He aimed 6 feet to the left of the hole but even that was not enough as his ball faded away. Casey's birdie chance tailed off, but Garcia still had a good chance from 12 feet, although there was a huge break on it. The Spaniard thought he had it, but it lipped out and shot right. It was Stricker's turn to have a go for birdie, but the 15th hole did not want to give any birdies away, and the game remains all-square.
165114Stricker's second shot was unlucky to release away from the hole. Garcia's head dropped in disappointment as he missed the green left. Curtis left it short and Casey snuck onto the front edge of the putting surface. Garcia thinned his chip 15 feet past the hole. Casey's birdie putt, from distance, missed left. Curtis' long par-saving effort stayed above ground. Stricker still had a birdie chance down the sloping green from around 35 feet. The American couldn't be too aggressive as he still needed to save par, but he could not believe that the ball stopped an inch short of the cup. All-square.
174774Garcia found the left fairway bunker from the tee. Casey powered past the bunker and down the fairway. Curtis split the narrow fairway while Stricker found the right-hand bunker. Stricker was first to play and hit a good shot but came up short of the green. Curtis produced a sparkling approach to 15 feet. Garcia flew out of the bunker onto the green, around 40 feet from the hole, and Casey threatened the flag but spun back to about 12 feet. Stricker couldn't chip in for birdie. Garcia missed his birdie chance and Casey missed his, too. Curtis had a golden birdie opportunity, but missed, leaving the match all-square.
185475Garcia's drive found the left-hand side of the fairway, while Casey found the bunker on the left-hand side. Curtis sent his drive left into the rough, but Stricker found the center of the fairway. From 241 yards, Curtis took a wood but sent it way right into the crowd. Casey's approach stopped some 70 yards short of the green. Garcia also took a wood and hit the middle tier of the green. Stricker also failed to find the green on the right side. Casey chipped to 10 feet. Curtis hacked his shot out the rough 20 yards and then chipped to 10 feet past the pin. Stricker's chip-and-run hits the bank and carried down to 15 feet past the pin. Garcia judged an almost impossible putt down the hill to perfection, stopping it 7 feet from the cup. Stricker holed a remarkable putt for the U.S. to pile the pressure on the European pair. Casey held his nerve to drain his putt, and halve the hole and the match.