Saturday's Four-ball
K. Perry                  
J. Furyk
I. Poulter                  
G. McDowell
Saturday Four-Ball
Last update: 6:11 PM ET
MATCH 3 - FINAL RESULT: Europe Wins 1 Up
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
K. Perry 4 3 4 4 3 2
J. Furyk 3 4 4 5 2 4 4 3 3 4 3 4
I. Poulter 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 3 4
G. McDowell 4 4 4 2 3 3 3 3 4
Match Progress
1Up AS AS AS AS AS 1Up 1Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Poulter drove it down the right side, McDowell went farther right into the crowd. Furyk hit a good drive down the right side, Perry put it into the middle of the fairway. Perry's approach flew right over the flag but ended up 20 feet beind the pin. Poulter's approach stopped 8 feet from the pin. Furyk's shot rolled long to the back of the green, and his birdie putt slid by on the left. Perry just missed on the right. Poulter continued his great play from the morning session, draining his birdie putt to win the hole for Europe.
25054Furyk's drive and approach were excellent, as he left himself about 8 feet for birdie. Perry's approach was close also. McDowell's drive barely hung on in play, and he took advantage with a good approach shot onto the green. Poulter's long birdie putt just missed on the left. McDowell's putt also just missed. Perry stepped up, and as he has all event, drained his birdie putt to win the hole for the USA.
32063Furyk and Poulter had the best chances for birdie, both barely miss. Both tap in for par to halve the hole.
43754McDowell had best chance for birdie for Europeans on this short par 4, but his 15-foot putt slid just by on the right. Both Furyk's and Perry's putts just missed, and the hole was halved.
54634McDowell hit a good approach and had a 25-footer for birdie that he left just short. Perry also had a birdie putt on the exact same line. Perry's putt slid just by on the right, and the hole is halved.
65004The U.S. team seemed in control of this hole throughout until McDowell knocked in a 45-foot putt for par. Perry tapped in with his par to halve the hole.
76015Poulter hit a good drive and then hit his second shot over the water and barely carrying onto the green. Perry and Furyk hit their second shots right of the green, but in good shape. Perry flubbed his chip and it chunked into a bunker. Furyk's chip ran about 20 feet past the pin. McDowell also found the front of the green in 2 and his eagle attempt went right of the hole, leaving him with 4 feet left for birdie. Perry almost holed his bunker shot, but was in for a tap-in par. Poulter's eagle putt from 30 feet was 4 feet short. Furyk missed and Poulter made, so Europe wins the hole to go 1-up.
81804McDowell hit a nice shot on this difficult par 3, leaving himself 12 feet from the pin. Furyk followed with a very nice shot of his own, his ball hanging on the back edge of the green, about 14 feet from the pin. Furyk drained his birdie putt, announcing it with a raised fist as the ball was still 5 feet from the hole. McDowell drained his putt right on top of Furyk's. Great birdies to halve the hole.
94164McDowell's approach shot went right of the flag and spun back to 8 feet of the cup. Poulter then stuck his approach to about 6 feet. Perry did them both one better by spinning the ball right by the hole and ending up 4 feet away. Poulter stepped up and made his birdie putt. Perry pushed his short putt right, giving Europe the hole and a 2-up advantage.
105945Poulter had to play this short par 5 as a 3-shot hole after driving into a fairway bunker, but he stuck his approach to 8 feet of the pin. Furyk played the hole well and makes a 4-foot putt for birdie. McDowell's 10-foot birdie try missed right, but Poulter drained his putt to halve the hole.
112083Poulter pulled his tee shot into the greenside bunker. McDowell hit a good shot but it ran through the green to the back fringe. Furyk hit the front part of the green, and Perry also hit it to the front of the green. Perry's birdie putt just slid by on the right, and his par putt was conceded. McDowell's chip from the back fringe almost dropped, but hung a bit left. Both teams made par to halve the hole.
124644Poulter's drive went too far and he was stuck with a blind approach shot, which he powered over the green. Furyk also had a similar blind approach shot, but he put it on the green, about 25 feet right of the pin. Poulter hit a good chip that ran 12 feet by, but made the comebacker for par. Perry had a 10-foot putt to win the hole, but ran it by. The hole was halved.
133524Furyk hit a nice drive and then stuck his approach shot to 3 feet on this short par 4. McDowell then hit an approach to the same spot -- the exact same spot! -- as he hit Furyk's ball with his. Both shots were 3 feet from the hole. Furyk tapped in his birdie, and so did McDowell. The hole is halved.
142153McDowell hit a great shot on this long par 3, where he put it about 15 feet behind the flag. Furyk hit an excellent tee shot as well, about 17 feet from the pin and on the exact same line as McDowell. Perry then hit his tee shot to a foot of the hole! McDowell raised his putter thinking he made his putt, but the ball drifted right at the last moment, giving the hole to the USA and reducing the European lead to 1-up.
154344Each player hit a good drive and approach. Furyk hit his approach to a few inches of the cup for the kick-in birdie. McDowell and Poulter hit very good shots; Poulter has 10 feet left for birdie and McDowell has 5 feet left. McDowell sank the clutch putt for his team to halve the hole and remain 1-up.
165114Poulter hit a straight drive but a little short. His long-iron approach was on target but long, and it ran through the green into the rough behind. McDowell hit his approach into the bunker short of the green. Furyk hit his approach to the center of the green, leaving about 25 feet to the cup. Perry hit his approach just over the flag and had about 20 feet for birdie left. Furyk's birdie putt grazed the hole but stayed out on the left side. Perry's putt stayed left. McDowell had a 15-foot putt for par, and he drained it. The hole was halved and Europe remains 1-up.
174774Perry drove into the fairway bunker but recovered well, hitting it 15 feet past the pin. Poulter, from the fairway, put it to about 13 feet away. Furyk, from 115 yards away, hit it to 10 feet. Perry's birdie putt just drifted left. Poulter hit a delicate putt and it swung from right to left and went in! Furyk still had a putt of 10 feet to push the hole and extend the match. Furyk's putt spun around the cup at least one and half times and dropped in! The hole is halved and the match extended.
185475Furyk teed off first and put it in the center of the fairway. Perry's drive was just as perfect. Poulter hit a shorter drive but it stayed on the fairway. McDowell drove it left and then hit his second shot short and right of the green. Poulter also hit it to the right, about 40 yards short of the green. Furyk's second shot found the very front of the green, about 20 feet for eagle. McDowell pitched past the pin, but Poulter pitched it to 3 feet of the hole. Perry's second shot found a swale right of the green, but he chunked his third shot and barely made the green. Furyk had an eagle putt and pretty much needed to make it to earn the halve. He just missed it on the right. McDowell made a run at birdie from up above and missed to the right. Poulter studied the potential match-winning putt for a while, then stepped up and made the putt. The hole is halved, and Europe wins the match, 1-up.