Saturday's Four-ball
P. Mickelson                  
H. Mahan
H. Stenson                  
R. Karlsson
Saturday Four-Ball
Last update: 6:11 PM ET
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
P. Mickelson 4 3 2 3 3 4 3 4 4 2 4 4
H. Mahan 4 4 4 3 3 4
H. Stenson 3 3 4 4 4 3 4 4
R. Karlsson 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 2 3 4
Match Progress
1Up AS 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 2Up 1Up AS AS AS AS AS AS
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Stenson got the ball rolling in Match 4 with a drive down the right. Karlsson split the fairway. Mahan found the right rough before Mickelson smacked his ball toward the trees on the left. The American's ball rattled around before bouncing onto the fairway. Mahan was through the back of the green. Mickelson hit it to 12 feet, but Stenson landed inside the American. Mickelson missed his putt, Stenson holed his to put Europe 1-up.
25054Mahan hit a beautiful approach to 5 feet. With Stenson in trouble, Karlsson matched the American's fine approach. Mickelson, who had killed his drive around 360 yards, made his birdie from 15 feet to put the pressure on Karlsson, who could not respond. USA wins the hole to square the match.
32063Mahan played a beautiful chip from the thick greenside rough to secure a par for the USA, but Mickelson went one better, rolling home a 30-footer for a second consecutive birdie to put the USA 1-up.
43754Mickelson drove into the bunker. Mahan, after a long drive, pitched to 9 feet. Karlsson's approach found the upslope of the greenside bunker. Stenson found the same bunker as Mickelson. No birdies for Europe on this short par 4, but Mahan couldn't hole out for birdie, so we have the first halve of the match. USA 1-up.
54634Stenson found trouble off the tee. Mickelson drove into the bunker but found the green. Mahan hit into 20 feet. Karlsson, from the same spot as Mahan, some 144 yards from the flag, found the same spot on the green as the American. Karlsson's birdie chance slid past. Mahan couldn't take advantage and the match stays all-square.
65004Mickelson played a brilliant approach to the green, as did Mahan. Stenson, who had been out of sorts, found the green well off a sidehill lie. Karlsson followed his teammate in. Four good approaches but no birdies meant the hole was halved in 4. USA 1-up.
76015Mickelson hit a stunning fairway wood onto the seventh green. Stenson got unlucky with his long iron, which caught the fringe and stopped dead instead of releasing towards the hole. Mahan's second was in the deep stuff to the left of the greens. Stenson's eagle putt went 2 feet past, and Karlsson's rushed 3 feet beyond the cup. Mickelson had a chance to double the U.S. advantage with an eagle, and the world No. 2's effort was never in doubt as his ball snaked its way to the bottom of the cup from 18 feet. USA 2-up.
81804Mahan tee shot stayed on the bottom tier of the par-3 green, but Mickelson was in the zone, landing his ball around 20 feet from the cup. Stenson's approach did't work and he found the bunker. Karlsson was off the green but played a beautiful chip to an inch, securing the par 3 for Europe. Mickelson uncharacteristically misread his birdie chance to halve in 3. USA 2-up.
94164Karlsson found the green, some 18 feet from the cup. Mahan hit a safe approach to 20 feet. Stenson got it closer, but left a tricky birdie putt across the upslope. Mahan rolled home his birdie putt to put Europe under pressure. Karlsson responded by holing out to halve the hole. USA remains 2-up.
105945Karlsson played his third shot into 10 feet. Stenson, in the bunker in 2, chipped out to 5 feet. Karlsson rammed home his birdie putt, but Mickelson knocked in his 7-footer for par. The American has been holing out superbly all day. USA 2-up.
112083Mickelson missed a decent chance, by his own impeccable standards, to win the hole. He halved in 3 with Stenson. USA 2-up.
124644Karlsson produced a brilliant approach on the difficult 12th to around 8 feet. Mickelson missed the green but has been in ridiculous form around the greens. Off the green in the thick rough, the American flipped his magic wedge open and with one wave he sliced his ball out, it skipped and shot forward before checking next to the hole to set up a tap-in par 4. Karlsson still had a chance to halve the American lead, and the towering Swede made no mistake as he buried his birdie putt in the bottom of the cup. USA 1-up.
133524Mahan produced a wonderful approach that came to rest no more than 5 feet from the hole, but Stenson put it inside the American. Karlsson set up another birdie chance for Europe, and he relieved Stenson by knocking his chance in the cup. Mahan sent shockwaves through the crowd by missing what looked an easy chance, his ball horse-shoeing out and staying above ground.
142153Karlsson is picking it up. The big man planted his approach to 11 feet to set up another birdie chance. Mickelson looked to have gone through the green but his ball hit the slope and worked its way slowly back to the flag to around 10 feet. Karlsson continued his improvement by sinking his putt for birdie, but Mickelson responded to keep the match all-square.
154344Stenson and Karlsson both were within realistic birdie-making distance. With Mickelson in trouble, Mahan had to step it up, and the American did just that as he found the green pin-high above the flag and saw his ball dribble to within 8 feet. Stenson missed his birdie chance but, with Karlsson in such electric form, he needed not worry as his countryman holed out for birdie. Mahan followed him in to keep this unbelievable match at all-square.
165114Stenson's 4-iron approach shot from 209 yards bounced in the middle of the green and kicked onto the back edge. Mahan and Karlsson both missed the green and Mickelson pitched on the edge, but Mahan failed to get up onto the green. Karlsson chipped delightfully to 4 feet. Mickelson rolled his long birdie putt to 4 feet. Stenson's putt finished 2 feet from the cup and both were conceded to halve the hole in 4.
174774Karlsson and Mahan found the fairway bunker and Stenson pulled his drive left. Mickelson was the only player to find the fairway, and he stopped his approach shot 5 feet from the flag from 140 yards. Stenson chipped onto the green, as did Karlsson after chipping out of the bunker. Karlsson missed his par putt. Stenson's birdie putt stayed in the jaws of the hole. Mickelson somehow missed his birdie putt from 4 feet and holed for par to halve the hole.
185475With it all to play for on the last hole, Stenson found the left edge of the fairway, as does Mahan. Mickelson's drive landed in the left-hand bunker and Karlsson boomed his down the fairway. Mickelson screwed his second shot into the crowd to the right of the hole. Mahan found the edge of the green 18 feet from the flag. Karlsson's approach flew to the back of the green but rolled back down the hill to 15 feet. Stenson coouldn't match his compatriot, though, finding the bunker. Mickelson's chip failed to make it on the green. Stenson escaped from the trap to 5 feet, leaving Karlsson and Mahan to battle it out at the finale of a fascinating day. Mahan was first up and his eagle putt broke to the left and has his birdie conceded. That left the giant Swede Karlsson with the chance to win the match with an eagle and gain a valuable point for Europe. The Swede's putt slid past the hole and he sunk his birdie putt to halve the match. The second day finishes with the U.S. leading 9 to 7.