Sunday's Singles
A. Kim                  
S. Garcia                  
Sunday Singles
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Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
A. Kim 3 3 3 3 4 4 3 3 4 5 3 3 3 3
S. Garcia 3 4 3 3 4 5 6 3 4 4 4 5 5 3
Match Progress
AS 1Up 1Up 1Up 1Up 2Up 3Up 3Up 3Up 2Up 3Up 4Up 5Up 5Up
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484The wait is over for the thousands of fans packing the grandstands and fairways around the first tee at Valhalla. The atmosphere was indescribable as the USA's Anthony Kim and Europe's Sergio Garcia made their way onto the first tee to a cacophonic noise. Two of the most exciting talents in world golf are going head to head in one of sport's most sensational arenas. Garcia was first off for Europe, looking to set the tone for Europe. The Spaniard crunched his drive down the left-hand side of the fairway and Kim responded immediately, smashing his drive down the right. Kim was first to play his approach and he threw down the gauntlet to Garcia by playing a stunning wedge shot to 24 inches of the hole. Garcia was under pressure immediately. He addressed his ball but backed off and re-composed himself. He produced a classic Garcia Ryder Cup response by matching Kim, his ball stopping three feet from the cup. Garcia tapped in and picked Kim's marker up. The tone is set for a thrilling rollercoaster ride.
25054Garcia's drive kicked left into the left-hand rough. Kim blasted another one down the middle. Garcia's ball was lying awkwardly above his feet. He hit a towering approach that found the green but ran away from the front-left pin position. Kim was flying, firing his second right at the flag to within 6 feet. Garcia left his putt 18 inches short, handing Kim the chance to go ahead. The American makes no mistake to go 1-up after a brilliant birdie-birdie start. USA 1-up.
32063Kim took the honor from Garcia but pulled his approach to the par 3 into the greenside bunker and a horrible lie close to one of the grass mounds in the middle of the trap. Garcia planted his ball some 15 feet from the hole to set up a good birdie chance. Kim played out to 5 feet, an exceptional shot given his akward lie. Garcia couldn't make his birdie and Kim finished off his excellent up and down to halve the hole. USA 1-up.
43754Both players boomed their drives toward the green of this short par 4. Garcia chipped first, allowing his ball to check and release to within 2 feet. Kim followed him in to 3 feet. Kim tapped in with ease, having conceded Garcia his birdie putt. USA 1-up.
54634Kim v Garcia; Hole 5: Kim and Garcia both found the fairway again. Kim's approach found the middle of the green before Garcia attacked the flag to set up another decent birdie chance. Kim's long putt came up short for the American's first par, and 2-putt, of the day. Garcia's putt, from around 25 feet, slid 2 feet past. Hole is halved, USA 1-up.
65004Kim kept the driver in the bag and sent his 3-wood down the left-hand side of the fairway. Garcia found trouble down the right. The Spaniard was in a terrible spot, buried in heavy rough on a steep slope next to a stone stairway. Garcia had no option but to play back onto the fairway. Kim played his second as Garcia deliberated. The American played a beautiful long iron to green, but it ran way to the back, with the pin at the front. Back to Garcia, who was trying to get relief from his position in the rough and his stance being affected by the steps. After much debate with Kim and referee John Paramor, Garcia took a penalty drop on the fairway. The Spaniard then produced a beautiful long iron to set up an unlikely par-saving putt. Kim hits a fine putt from distance to within 3 feet. Garcia had a 14-footer to save an unlikely par, but he pushed it wide. Kim drilled his ball in the center and rallied the crowd. USA 2-up.
76015Both men found the fairway. Kim was first to play with 223 yards to the flag. The American cleared the water and ran down into a swell at the front right of the par-5 green. Garcia, with 207 yards to the pin, went with a 5-iron but hit it high into the oncoming breeze and slam-dunked his ball into the water. The Spaniard re-loaded with a 4-iron but with the same result. He conceded the hole and it was a very long walk all the way to the next tee for the Spaniard, with the crowd howling its 'U-S-A! U-S-A!' battle cry. Kim loved every second of it. USA 3-up.
81804Kim approached the 8th tee high-fiving the crowd. Garcia was greeted by European Vice-Captain Jose Maria Olazabal, who was clearly trying to lift his countryman's spirits. Kim's tee shot was his first poor stroke of the day as he found the sand. Garcia put his ball close to set up a birdie. Kim made a great up and down before a clearly out of sorts Garcia missed from close range. USA 3-up.
94164Garcia found the vast bunker on the left of the fairway but produced a marvelous approach to 20 feet. Kim, on the right hand side of the fairway, played another beautiful shot, flying his ball to the back of the green and spinning it back to around 10 feet. Garcia rolled another putt past the hole. The Spaniard, not himself, looked subdued. Kim missed for once but stayed very much in control of the match. USA 3-up.
105945Kim boomed a drive down the middle of this par-5 fairway. Garcia nudged his down the right. Garcia hit a brilliant approach, a 5-wood that rolled just off the back of the green but was no more than 15 yards from the flag. Kim, hitting in from 264 yards, pulled his approach into the trees to the left of the green. Kim's chip from a horrible lie didn't make the green. Garcia chipped to 18 inches. Kim tried to chip in for a halve but rushed it past. Garcia won his first hole of the day on the 10th. USA 2-up.
112083Garcia's approach was unlucky not to climb the ridge on the putting surface toward the pin, but he had a putt for birdie. Kim's ball went even closer to getting over the ridge, but came to rest on the top. Garcia's putt never really threatened the hole, leaving the Kim the chance to re-establish his lead. The American missed, but then holed out with ease. Garcia's par putt was shorter but harder with a strong left-to-right break, and he missed it. USA 3-up.
124644Kim found the heart of the fairway again, leaving himself 190 yards from the hole. Garcia was in the right rough, 194 yards from the cup. Garcia had to negotiate some overhanging branches but found the front of the green. In awesome form, Kim almost holed his approach with a superb shot. Garcia had to hole out for birdie from about 70 yards. He mades a gallant effort but his ball flew past. USA 4-up.
133524Kim took an iron from the tee and found the fairway. Garcia went with an iron as well but found the bunker. The Spaniard is nowhere near playing the way he can. Kim went at the pin on the island green, from 122 yards, and unsurprisingly, got close. Garcia flew the green from the bunker but his ball stayed dry. The Spaniard flopped his 3rd onto the green but it rushed 12 feet past. He missed that putt as well. USA 5-up.
142153Kim, 5-up with 5 to play, found the bunker after a poor swing. Garcia played it into 10 feet but it seemed too little too late for the European. Kim squirted his bunker shot up the slope, using the green to bring the ball back down toward the hole to set up a chance for par. Garcia missed again and threw his putter at his bag in disgust. Kim stepped up and sank his 7-foot par putt and punched the air to send the crowd wild. Kim charged to the next tee before realizing that he has actually won the match! USA wins, 5 and 4.