Sunday's Singles
H. Mahan                  
P. Casey                  
Sunday Singles
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Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
H. Mahan 5 3 3 3 4 4 5 2 4 4 3 4 4 2 5 4 3 5
P. Casey 4 5 3 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 3 3 5 2 5 3 4 4
Match Progress
1Up AS AS 1Up 2Up 2Up 1Up 2Up 1Up 1Up 1Up AS 1Up 1Up 1Up AS 1Up AS
HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484With the first match of the day getting off the a flying start, Paul Casey was next to immerse himself in the pressure cooker of the first tee, greeted by chants of "There's only one Paul Casey." Like Garcia, he found the left edge of the fairway. Hunter Mahan received a huge cheer when he pulled his driver out of the bag, but the American sent his drive right and found the rough, some 30 yards behind Casey's ball. Mahan landed his approach on the front edge of the green 30 yards short of the pin. Casey's ball landed 12 feet from the hole on the back left of the green. Mahan's putt had a great-looking line but runs on 4 feet. Casey narrowly missed his birdie chance and Mahan conceded. Mahan lipped his putt as Casey won the hole and claimed the first advantage of the day for Europe. 1-up.
25054Casey found the rough on the right-hand side while Mahan was in the fairway. Casey's approach skipped through the back of the green. Mahan's ball landed 8 feet from the cup. Casey got a bad lie and, after getting to 3 feet, has his bogey 5 conceded. Mahan holed out for a birdie 3 to make it all-square again.
32063Mahan's drive was near the water in the rough on the par 3. Casey's landed 18 feet from the flag. The Englishman's putt was just short and was conceded for par. Mahan chipped to 6 feet and holed his putt to halve the hole in 3s.
43754Casey fluffed his chip to the edge of the green and had 30 feet to the hole. His putt stopped about 2 feet from the cup. Mahan rolled in from 15 feet to go 1-up.
54634Mahan's approach stopped 3 feet away after being in the rough. Casey took a sand wedge but gave it too much and the ball ran through to the back of the green. Casey's chip had a good line but was a little heavy and ran 6 feet on. Casey's par putt lipped out. Mahan holed his par putt to win the hole and go 2-up.
65004Mahan found the bunker and Casey's approach landed short by 25 yards. Mahan chipped out, leaving him an 8-foot putt. Casey pitched to 3 feet. Mahan holed out and Casey drained his putt for a halve. US 2-up still.
76015Both drives landed a similar distance off the tee but on either side of the fairway. Mahan was 241 yards from the hole and carried the water, but bounded onto the back of the green and the second cut. Casey had a terrible lie in the thick stuff and could only find the fairway some 60 yards from the green on the bank. Casey landed his third shot 7 feet from the hole despite the ball being 3 feet above his stance. Mahan chipped on to 15 feet and missed his putt. Casey holed a superb putt to claim a hole back. U.S. 1-up.
81804Casey's tee shot ran through the back of the green. Mahan posted his 6 feet from the flag and it rolled back to 3 feet. He drained the putt to go back to 2-up.
94164Both drives split the fairway. Mahan's approach landed 12 feet from the pin but Casey's was even better, finishing 3 feet away. Mahan missed his chance but Casey sank his to reduce the deficit again to just 1.
105945Mahan's drive drifted to the right and found the rough. Casey was some 50 yards farther on in the middle of the fairway. Mahan pitched back on to the fairway. Casey pulled his second shot left but it ran on 20 yards just short of the green. Mahan's 3rd shot pitched 16 feet from the pin. Casey putted from off the green and the ball rolled down and came to rest 2 yards wide of the hole. Mahan rolled in his 16-foot birdie putt to put the pressure on Casey. The Englishman drained his putt to halve the hole in birdies. U.S. still 1-up.
112083Both players found the sand on separate sides of the green and produced superb saves, Mahan stopping his 2 feet from the pin. Casey rolled his putt in from 4 feet and gave Mahan his to square the hole. U.S. remains 1-up.
124644Mahan's drive ended 206 yards from the hole and Casey's 211 yards. The Englishman's approach took 2 bounces on the green and finished 22 feet from the pin. Mahan's ball landed on the front of the green and stopped right next to Casey's. Mahan's birdie putt sailed wide of the hole, giving Casey a chance to square the match. He seized it, superbly draining the 22-footer to go all-square for the first time since the third hole.
133524Both players drove to 117 yards from the green. Mahan went first and his approach was left and looked water-bound but perched on the edge of the bank, leaving him an awkward stance. Casey seemed to select the wrong club but found the middle of the green and left a putt for birdie. Mahan putted to within 2 feet. Casey seemed to be put off by a roar from Kim's victory on the 14th hole and left his putt 5 feet past the hole. He missed the return putt and Mahan holed out to win the hole with a par 4 and go 1-up.
142153Both players posted their superb approach shots 2 feet from the hole, Casey's running down the bank to join Mahan's. The two players picked up their balls and high-fived each other in a true sporting moment before heading to the 15th tee with the hole halved in 2s.
154344Mahan's drive was way left and in trouble in the trees, but Casey followed by pushing his into the right-hand bunker. The American pitched out toward the fairway, holding up in the rough short of the bunker where Casey was in 1. Mahan landed his approach on the back of the green and it rolled back to 25 feet from the hole. Casey went from sand to sand, finding the greenside bunker. The Englishman fluffed his chip, only succeeding in getting the ball to the top of the hole. He then chipped to 5 feet, misreading the ridge. Mahan's putt was short but put pressure on Casey to hole out. He did so, the ball rolling round the hole for what could be a vital halve. U.S. still 1-up.
165114Casey's drive was 205 yards from the green on the fairway some 30 yards ahead of Mahan's. The American's approach bounced on the green and rolled on to the first cut at the back. Casey took an 8-iron and produced a superb shot to land it 6 feet from the pin. Mahan rolled his putt 3 feet past the hole, giving Casey the chance to square the match again. The Englishman showed nerves of steel and drained the putt to win the hole. All-square.
174774Casey launched a huge drive down the fairway and Mahan followed suit, although Mahan was in the semi-rough making his approach difficult. Mahan landed on the front green but left himself a difficult putt some 40 feet from the pin with a ridge to negotiate. Casey's approach landed pin-high and rolled on to 18 feet from the hole. Mahan holed an incredible putt and pumped his fist amidst huge celebrations from the U.S. fans. Now under severe pressure to match him, the Englishman leaves his putt well short as Mahan took the hole to go 1-up again.
185475With the adrenaline pumping, Mahan pushed his drive out right and, like Holmes on Friday, into the water. Casey, on the other hand, was perfectly placed in the middle of the fairway. Mahan took a drop into the semi-rough and found the bunker to the right of the green with his 3rd shot. Casey had a golden opportunity to take advantage and landed his approach 14 feet from the flag with a stunning shot. Mahan played out to within a foot, leaving Casey with 2 putts to win the hole. The Englishman, one of Captain Nick Faldo's picks, rolls it to a foot. Mahan conceded the hole, meaning the match was halved in what could prove to be a vital match for Europe.