Nick Faldo

Captain Nick Faldo

Anyone seeking to unlock the secret of what makes Nick Faldo tick should look no further than the extraordinary list of achievements inked in the golfing record books. The sheer volume of accomplishments in a career which has ascended to the vertiginous heights of Major Championship triumph on six occasions simply takes the breath away.

More than any other player in his trophy-winning era, which spanned two spectacularly successful decades, Faldo sought perfection with an almost religious zeal: single-minded, ambitious, determined, focused and obsessed.

That relentless pursuit of synchronicity�total control of mind and body, working in harmony with the club and ball�drew comparisons with another golfer who achieved iconic status, Ben Hogan. Between 1977 and 1997, Faldo accumulated 39 titles worldwide, including the six Majors which were to define his career and earn him the accolade as one of Great Britain's greatest golfers in history. His record certainly stands favourable comparison with champions from past times such as Harry Vardon, Sir Henry Cotton and Tony Jacklin.

Nick FaldoEarly professional success was tempered by frustration in the crucible of Major Championship golf and persuaded Faldo to enlist the help of coaching guru, David Leadbetter, with the entreaty: �Throw the book at me!� Leadbetter duly did, metaphorically, and the new, improved Faldo emerged as a true champion in 1987 when with 18 straight pars in the final round he beat Paul Azinger in The Open Championship at Muirfield.

It was the first of two Open successes at the East Lothian course and the first of many�and soon to be continued�examinations with Azinger, his rival Captain in next year's Ryder Cup at Valhalla in Kentucky.

Throughout a prolific period of Major success�six titles in nine-year-span�the Faldo mantra was one of dedication, consistency, tempo and a mind of steel as he married a methodical technique to brilliant course management. His 30 European Tour titles included those four in the PGA Championship. Outside the Majors, this was a title Faldo loved to keep under lock and key, being The European Tour's Flagship event, played over the best courses against world class competitors. It was the sort of challenge to make him salivate.

Nowhere, though, has Faldo been more committed than in The Ryder Cup arena. In all, he made 11 appearances between 1977 and 1997 and he still holds the honour of being the all-time record points scorer for Europe with 25, garnered from 23 wins and four halves from 46 starts.

Now he is Europe's team leader, and his legendary attention to detail will ensure that his charges are in peak condition for the 2008 renewal at the Jack Nicklaus-designed Valhalla.

More recently he has become the velvet voice behind the TV commentator's microphone. It just goes to show that no-one should stereotype a man who has proved himself as the dry, often witty and occasionally acerbic, analyst for CBS and the Golf Channel in the United States. All of which goes to underline that Nick Faldo is still enjoying success�on the fairways and in the television booth.

Full Name: Nicholas Alexander Faldo, MBE
Residence: Orlando, Florida, USA
Birthdate: 18.7.57, Welwyn, Garden City, England
Height/Weight: 6ft 3in / 15st 4lb (191cm 97kgs)
Family: Children: Natalie (1986), Matthew (1989), Georgia (1993), Emma Scarlet (2003)
Interests: Fly fishing, helicopter flying, photography
Turned Professional: 1976

Ryder Cup History

Appearances: 1977, 79, 81, 83, 85 (winners), 87 (winners), 89, 91, 93, 95 (winners), 97 (winners), 2008 (Captain)

RECORD Played Won Lost Halved
Overall 46 23 19 4 Total points: 25
Singles 11 6 4 1
Foursomes 18 10 6 2
Fourballs 17 7 9 1

Ryder Cup Playing Record

Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Oosterhuis beat Floyd/Graham (2 and 1)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Oosterhuis beat Nicklaus/Floyd (3 and 1)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Watson (1 hole)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Oosterhuis loast to Bean/Elder (2 and 1)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Oosterhuis beat Bean/Kite (6 and 5)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Oosterhuis beat Elder/Hayes (1 hole)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Elder (2 and 1)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Oosterhuis lost to Watson/Nicklaus (4 and 3)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Torrance lost to Trevino/Pate (7 and 5)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Miller (2 and 1)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Langer beat Watkins/Stadler (4 and 2)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Langer lost to Watson Haas (2 and 1)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Langer beat Crenshaw/Peete (4 and 2)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Langer beat Kite/Floyd (3 and 2)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Haas (2 and 1)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Langer lost to Peete/Kite (3 and 2)
Final Day Singles Faldo lost to Green (3 and 1)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Wosnam beat Wadkins/Mize (2 holes)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Woosnam beat Sutton/Pohl (2 and 1)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Woosnam halved Sutton/Mize (halved)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Woosnam beat Strange/Kite (5 and 4)
Final Day Singles Faldo lost to Calcavecchia (1 hole)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Woosnam halved Kite/Strange (halved)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Woosnam beat Calcavecchia/McCumber (2 holes)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Woosnam beat Wadkins/Stewart (3 and 2)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Woosnam lost to Beck/Azinger (2 and 1)
Final Day Singles Faldo lost to Wadkins (1 hole)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Woosnam lost to Stewart/Calcavecchia (1 hole)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Woosnam lost to Floyd/Couples (5 and 3)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Gilford lost to Azinger/O'Meara (7 and 6)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Floyd (2 holes)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Montgomerie beat Floyd/Couples (4 and 3)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Montgomerie halved Azinger/Couples (halved)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Montgomerie beat Wadkins/Pavin (3 and 2)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Montgomerie lost to Cook/Beck (2 holes)
Final Day Singles Faldo halved Azinger (halved)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Montgomerie lost to Pavin/Lehman (1 hole)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Montgomerie lost to Couples/Love III (3 and 2)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Montgomerie beat Strange/Haas (4 and 2)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Montgomerie lost to Faxon/Couples (4 and 2)
Final Day Singles Faldo beat Strange (1 hole)
Day 1 Fourballs Faldo/Westwood lost to Couples/Faxon (1 hole)
Day 1 Foursomes Faldo/Westwood beat Leonard/Maggert (3 and 2)
Day 2 Fourballs Faldo/Westwood beat Woods/O'Meara (2 and 1)
Day 2 Foursomes Faldo/Westwood lost to Hoch/Maggert (2 and 1)
Final Day Singles Faldo lost to Furyk (3 and 2)
Events Played In Money Top 10 Finish Official Career $
379 332 163 �7,988,365
1977 Skol Lager Individual (play-off)
1978 Colgate PGA Championship
1980 Sun Alliance PGA Championship
1981 Sun Alliance PGA Championship
1982 Haig Whisky TPC
1983 Paco Rabanne French Open (play-off)
Martini International (play-off)
Car Care Plan International
Lawrence Batley International
Ebel Swiss Open-European Masters (play-off)
1984 Car Care Plan International
1987 Peugeot Spanish Open
116th Open Championship
1988 Peugeot French Open
Volvo Masters Andalucia
1989 Masters Tournament (play-off)
Volvo PGA Championship
Dunhill British Masters
Peugeot French Open
1990 Masters Tournament (play-off)
119th Open Championship
1991 Carrolls Irish Open
1992 Carrolls Irish Open (play-off)
121st Open Championship
Scandinavian Masters
GA European Open
1993 Johnnie Walker Classic
Carrolls Irish Open (play-off)
1994 Alfred Dunhill Open (play-off)
1996 Masters Tournament
1989 Suntory World Match Play Championship
1992 Toyota World Match Play Championship
Johnnie Walker World Championship
1979 ICL Tournament (SA)
1984 Sea Pines Heritage Classic (USA)
1995 Doral-Ryder Open (USA)
1997 Nissan Open (USA)
1990 Johnnie Walker Classic (Hong Kong)
1994 Million Dollar Challenge (Sun City)
1975 British Youths Amateur Open Championship
English Amateur Championship

Teams and Awards

Ryder Cup 1977, 79, 81, 83, 85 (winners), 87 (winners), 89, 91, 93, 95 (winners), 97 (winners), 08 (Captain)
Alfred Dunhill Cup 1985, 86, 87 (winners), 88, 91, 93
World Cup 1977, 91, 98 (winners)
4 Tours World Championship 1986, 87, 90
Hennessy Cognac Cup 1978 (winners), 80 (winners), 82 (winners), 84 (winners)
The Seve Trophy 2007 (Captain)
UBS Cup 2001, 02, 03
Double Diamond 1977
The Royal Trophy 2006 (winners)
Boys, Youths 1974-75
Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year 1977
Harry Vardon Trophy 1983, 92
Ryle Memorial Medal 1987, 90, 92
Tooting Bec Cup 1992, 93, 94, 95, 03
Braid Taylor Memorial 1983, 84, 87, 88, 90, 92, 93, 96, 03
AGW Trophy 1983, 90
Honorary Member of The European Tour 1987
European Tour Golfer of the Year 1989, 90, 02
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 1989
PGA of America Player of the Year 1990
Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame 1997