Sept. 20, 2008

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Q. Now that two guys of the 37th Ryder Cup are in the books, your team is now down two points, you'll need obviously a very good day tomorrow, but there is precedent for you, and you played on a team where it happened, that was in 1995 at Oak Hill. What will you tell your team tonight?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: We won't be thinking of history or the past. Tomorrow is the only moment we've got, so that's what the guys have been living for and that's why they want to be here. And that's what we'll be playing for tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk a little about the last hour of what went on here and some of the performances that we saw and what sticks out in your mind?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Well, it's all come at a mad rush, because of the effort from everybody, it's quite astounding. You see faces at this event that you never see, the emotions and the reactions, don't you. You see how charged up and how the intensity the players have to have to play this event.

That last hour was gripping.

Q. Ian Poulter, you must feel gratified that he's a captain's pick, and boy did he come up big time?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: He came up full stop. He's playing great, very strong, very strong mind and great in the team room as well. Look at him on the golf course, it's just great stuff.

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