September 20, 2008

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PAUL CASEY: Well one had to go in today. Felt like I was letting down my partner. I missed some putts out there today.

We played great golf. We had a lot of fun, first and foremost. Sergio and I, we made a great team and he played stellar golf and least I could do was roll one in there.

Q. It was almost a stroke of genius.

SERGIO GARCIA: It looked good. It was just such a hard putt. I hit it a little too hard but so happy to see Paul make that putt. He hit some really good putts today and played very nicely and unfortunately they didn't want to drop. It was great to see him make that putt.

Q. You get the feeling, don't you, crucial point in Ryder Cup Matches, thought you could win the hole but Stricker made an incredible putt

PAUL CASEY: They played really good golf, and they never really gave us anything. On 13, I thought that was going to be it to win there and he rolled in a beautiful putt. They were very, very tough and we would have liked a full point but I think a half point, it's a fantastic match.

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