Sept. 21, 2008

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CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: We talked last night, we just needed to hold them up, and even just counter; if they win, we win. You know we just literally missed out by one point and it could have even gone down to Padraig right at the 18th, the last match. That's a tough one. That just shows you how close we have the separation.

Q. It's obviously difficult to put the singles order together; were you worried with names like Poulter and McDowell their results would not count as it's turned out?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Not necessarily, because if a guy finishes his match off, it can count. You get your points on the board. No, everybody did their bit. Everybody knew what we were trying to do. The guys played great. I'm so proud of them and everything and given 100% in every area.

Q. You've been on European winning teams, and Europe have been so used to winning this competition, I imagine for a competitive guy like you, this has to hurt?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Of course it will. When you've come here and you've made such an effort to come and play they haven't, sure, losing any player, any sportsman, they are all like that; it always hurts.

Q. Would you do it again?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: Who knows, a few bits along the way were quite tricky but I doubt it. I believe it was a one stop shot, as they would say.

Q. Despite the loss, have you enjoyed the week?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: I've loved it. I've said it was best week of my golfing career kind of inside outside the ropes. The team, the whole atmosphere, the camaraderie, the fun we had, a little bit of everything and it's just been a fabulous time in my life.

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: 24 guys have given their hearts and souls in this event and Europe has come up short but the golf was fantastic. The shot making was unbelievable and the putting was unbelievable. This particular week, they have done it, so congratulations.

Q. Seriously thin line between victory and loss.

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: It sure is. Look what happened coming down the last few holes, the difference.

You know, this particular week, as I said, they were just a little bit better in a few different places.

Q. You've given 100% and wouldn't change anything at all, would you?

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: No, I'm very happy. That's one of my goals, to leave Sunday night knowing I did my best for the team and I'm more than comfortable with how everything has panned out.

Q. You've brought massive entertainment for everybody watching at home; it's been brilliant.

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: This event is incredible, isn't it. They are going for everything and you have to take your hat off to 24 guys, they have given it. Paul came out here with the right attitude and strong on the golf course, strong mentally, great in the team room, great atmosphere, and the guy is a class player, he really is. He could be ready to move onto another level.

Q. Unlucky to start, but try to enjoy the rest of the day.

CAPTAIN NICK FALDO: I'm sure they will. I've got a feeling this team, by the time we get home, we should celebrate. It's been a great week. I wanted it to be a great experience and you know, we will remember this. As I said, everybody has given it their all. They have done a good job.

JUSTIN ROSE: Even though the result doesn't go your way, it's tough to take, but The Ryder Cup should be a hard fought competition, and this year that's what it's back to being. I think the last two Ryder Cups, the Europeans have had exceptional results, and I think I don't think anyone was kidding ourselves and we were not thinking it was going to be another route. We knew it was going to be a tight game.

I think this golf course ultimately suited their style of play and I think Captain Azinger set this up for the big hitters. J.B. Holmes contributed well. It's part of the home course advantage.

Q. Picking the singles order, Nick Faldo said it was a team thing and a very, very difficult thing to do, and in the end, the guys who were up, the results didn't count; it's a difficult call, isn't it?

JUSTIN ROSE: If you look at it, we've got 2 1/2 points out of four to start out with, and we kind of had some strong players in the back, too, that were all pulling through.

The middle of the order you expect one or two points there, but Boo Weekley, 7 under par; Kenny Perry was 7 under par today, J.B. Holmes finished in style. There's three guys there who probably played better than you maybe expected them to play. You've just got to take your hat off sometimes, and the Americans played really, really well. Oliver Wilson is 4 under par with no bogeys and lost three and two. Sometimes you can't account for that.

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