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An Interview With: BOO WEEKLEY

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September 16, 2008

KELLY ELBIN: Boo Weekley, ladies and gentlemen, joining us at the 37th Ryder Cup. Boo, welcome to Valhalla, and it sounds like you had a fun day on the golf course with some Kentucky guys, right.

BOO WEEKLEY: I had a ball with them. It's unreal the people that was following us out there today, all the hometown people, and plus just all the Kentucky people. It's unreal.

KELLY ELBIN: Talk a little bit about making the Ryder Cup team, wearing the Ryder Cup uniform, what that feels like, for the first time.

BOO WEEKLEY: I can tell you right now these pants I've got on are probably the most expensive thing I've ever owned, this pair of pants (laughter). These things here, they felt like a pair of silk underwear when you're getting ready to go hunting. They're unreal. It's been great. To be able to work as hard as we have to get here and play in this tournament, it's amazing.

Q. Kenny said that he thought that Kentuckians might adopt you. Did you feel a little love, also, with those guys?

BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, I did. I felt a lot of love. My finger feels it, too. I've got a blister on it from where I signed so many autographs today.

Q. Relating to the blister a little bit, on No. 8 it looked like your club slipped number one, you guys had so much fun it was insane. I don't know how much work you actually got done, and it would be interesting to ask you about that, but it actually looked like the club slipped out of your hand when you were trying to hit the par 3. Does the blister bother you at all?

BOO WEEKLEY: It does a little, but I'm going to pop it tonight and put a little tape on it and see what we can do from there.

Q. Did you get the work done you wanted to, because it looked like the four of you were just and Furyk was just throwing out line after line.

BOO WEEKLEY: I've been here since Saturday, so I've got to see a little bit of the golf course. I come out early so I could ride in a golf cart. I'm too fat to walk that many holes all the time.

Q. Can you kind of talk about this, whether you asked for this role or not, kind of this role of being the team comedian and loosening things up? Have you done anything to kind of go out of your way along those lines these first couple of days?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, really I'm just shy. Y'all ask the questions, I just answer them the way I see them. I mean, I haven't done nothing to go out of my way. I'm just being who I am.

Q. Do you feel, given the recent results of the U.S. Ryder Cup team, that maybe a little levity is what they need to loosen things up?

BOO WEEKLEY: A little, yes, sir. It ain't going to hurt. It never hurts to laugh. You should always laugh at least once or twice a day. I laughed halfway around the golf course today.

Q. You're one of six rookies. What's it been like being a new guy, and who have you gone to, if you've had the occasional question to ask say an experienced guy, whether it be Furyk or whatever, or are you just kind of winging it?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, I've talked to Furyk a little bit earlier, and we had, whatever, that Ryder Cup thing that not Ryder Cup, but the FedExCup stuff that we've been doing. I talked to Furyk a little bit then. I played with him, asked him a few questions about what I need to do to prepare myself, and we just talked about it. But other than that, I really have been kind of winging it myself I reckon. But I mean, if I have a question, I'll ask Paul or I'll ask any of them.

I think that all the rookies that are here, we know how to play. It's just this is just a new tournament to us, whether it's the Ryder Cup or what it is. It's just a new tournament, and we're all here to represent our country and we're going to play the best that we can play and go out there and win. I mean, that's all we want to do, bring it back to the States.

Q. I have a fashion question for you. You mentioned that these are the most expensive pants or trousers you've had on. I'm wondering about Thursday night in a tuxedo. Tell me about how that's going to work.

BOO WEEKLEY: I don't know. I'm going to feel like I'm all up in a straightjacket I reckon. I don't wear them much. Not at all, actually, to tell you the truth.

Q. Will this be your first time?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, well, obviously, since I got married, yes. Or since I was married, yes, ma'am. That was the last time I've been in a tux.

Q. When was that?

BOO WEEKLEY: Let's see, that was probably about 2000.

Q. So it's been eight years since you've been in a tuxedo?

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, ma'am, a black and white one.

Q. Have you had a chance to figure out whether you like alternate shot or better ball best, and have you talked to Paul about which you'd prefer to play in if he was trying to lay you out between one or the other?

BOO WEEKLEY: He hasn't mentioned nothing to me, and the way my game sets up, it really don't matter to me what I play. I just want to play. The way I feel about it is I think I can compete with anybody out there, I can play with anybody that's on our team. We've just got to go out and just play golf. It's just more I reckon it's up to Paul to decide who's going to play what and who's going to play where and how we're going to get it done.

Q. It was interesting today that it looked like Paul put a lot of guys together by ball, actually. Was there any discussion about that, or none?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, I think he just stuck it together for mostly the crowd. I mean, that's I think that's the main reason was the crowd, because he wanted us to go off first and kind of get the crowd with us and stuff like that. I mean, I don't know nothing about it, if it was by ball.

Q. You'd expressed an interest earlier in the year about maybe playing with Anthony in this thing. Has anybody asked your opinion who would be your best dance partners for this thing, and who all would you prefer to play with if you really care?

BOO WEEKLEY: I mean, I like playing with J.B. you know, it's the first time I've got paired with him, the first time I ever watched him hit the golf ball besides on the driving range. I never, ever have played a round of golf with him, and that was pretty neat to watch that. I could see me and him getting after somebody.

Me and Furyk, kind of the same way. We both strike the ball kind of the same way, we work the ball the same way, so I could see where me and him. If Paul wants to take me and Anthony, I think we'd do good together, and Chad Campbell. I think me and Chad would be good together because we kind of hit the same ball flight and same thing.

Q. Have you had a chance to look at the European team in terms of looking for the 12 names, and if you have, what impression did you have having done that?

BOO WEEKLEY: I haven't looked at it. I mean, we're not here to study them. We're here to study the golf course and play. I mean, we'll worry about that when we tee it up.

Q. The American team has been hammered in the last couple of Ryder Cups. Why is it going to be different this year do you think?

BOO WEEKLEY: I think the past has got to change. I mean, it's time for a new era. Don't you? No, you don't? Well, I would say something, but I'm going to keep it down a little (laughter).

I mean, we're the underdogs. I mean, and unfortunately, that's all on paper that we're underdogs. You don't know what you've got until you get out there and play with it. It's like getting a new pack of hounds when we were growing up and going deer hunting. You don't know what kind of dogs you've got until you run them, so let's run them and we'll see.

Q. I knew we'd get a hunting metaphor out of you before this was done. What's the most nervous you ever remember being, bending over, putting a peg in the ground on the first tee?

BOO WEEKLEY: About every week. I get the butterflies every week. People don't understand. I look the same, but every week I feel like I want to run off the side of the tee box and puke. I mean, I really do.

Q. You can do it on Friday.

BOO WEEKLEY: You never know what can happen. I might shank it, top it. You don't ever know what's going to happen. It's golf. That's what makes this game the greatest game there is to play.

KELLY ELBIN: Boo, thank you very much.

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