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September 19, 2008

BOO WEEKLEY: It was good. We got off to a good start right out of the gate and we both kind of lost it there, a little bit of momentum and then kind of regained it, and then birdying on 8 and 9, it was off to the races.

Q. J.B., a lot of monstrous guys out there and just a little bit short on 18.

J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, I really didn't hit my driver that well today. Just went a little bit right. I think unfortunately, I figured out what I was doing after I hit my last shot, so that doesn't do us any good. But it's close, it's not far off.

Like I said, we played great today, and I made a few birdies on the front and on the back side, Boo, he played great on the back side. It was a fun day, a little frustrating at the end not to finish it off.

Q. Your first Ryder Cup match experience, you got the crowd roaring this morning; how was it out there this afternoon?

BOO WEEKLEY: It was great. Unfortunately we couldn't close the deal but we both hit a lot of good shots and made a lot of putts, and we can carry that onto tomorrow, keep plugging and get better, times have got to change.

Q. As someone from Kentucky, you had to have had a lot of fun out there today.

J.B. HOLMES: I had a great time out there today. A little frustrating not to finish it off but considering we were 2 down after seven holes or eight holes, we got it back, and you know, got up there for a while and got a halve out of it. So we didn't lose. We played well today.

Q. Did you think it would be this much excitement out there?

J.B. HOLMES: I didn't know what to expect. I got excited this morning and we had a lot of fun out there today, me and Boo did.

Q. Does it feel like you left a half a point out there?

BOO WEEKLEY: I feel like we both gave it to them on the last hole. Granted, you hate being like that, it don't matter how you end but you just hate the end, knowing all you have to do is just hit it in the fairway. Unfortunately that's how it goes. That's golf. That's why this is the hardest game that we play.

Q. What were you thinking off the tee?

J.B. HOLMES: Both just trying to hit it in the fairway there and I saw Boo hit his a little bit right and I was trying to hit it a little bit more left and I just pushed it a little and it cut. Got close, just trickled in but it shouldn't even have been close.

Frustrating, like I said, to end it like that, but we fought hard all day and came back from 2 down. So not fully satisfied with half a point, but could have been a lot worse.

Q. That says something about the way this team is playing; you're not satisfied with half a point.

J.B. HOLMES: Yeah, who would be?

BOO WEEKLEY: We played good. We brother in lawed it pretty good today, we really did. It's just tough. It's just a tough way to end the night knowing you've got to go home and sleep on this. But I think we are both ready for tomorrow and we are going to come back tomorrow and play the best that we could play again.

Q. What's harder, rustling wild animals or The Ryder Cup?

BOO WEEKLEY: I ain't never rustled no animals, but The Ryder Cup is exciting. It's exciting. It's adrenaline and you have to figure out where to store that adrenaline at in you but this is an awesome feeling for us, both of us being rookies, and I speak on J.B.'s side a little bit but this is awesome.

Q. Talk about your first Ryder Cup experience today.

J.B. HOLMES: It was great. Boo pretty much said it, it was awesome, all day, the crowds were cheering for us, and you know, just exciting, never had that much adrenaline going, so you have to deal with that. Two rookies, first match out, not too bad.

Q. Half a point against a veteran, what was the toughest part of today?

J.B. HOLMES: I didn't think of any part being tough. We got down early and there wasn't a lot of holes left and then we started making some birdies. We just had a good time.

Q. You were fun with the crowd.

BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, look, man, that's what it's about. They come to see us. It's just like every PGA even we play in. They pay our bills, so why not have fun with them?

So let us ride them and get their adrenaline going and let them pump us up and let them help us towards our goal.

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