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September 19, 2008

Q. It must mean a lot to you today to come out and play so well on the first day of The Ryder Cup?

HUNTER MAHAN: Oh, sure, to get off to a good start for team USA was important I think, and it's been a pretty good day for us.

Q. It's a long, day Justin, but you've got the experience to lead your fellow players along the way, and you did very well today.

JUSTIN LEONARD: Well, he may be a Ryder Cup rookie but he's got a lot of experience. I think playing The Presidents Cup last year helped. You know, we played a lot of practice rounds together. We played together all week. We played very well together today.

Q. You've obviously got some very great qualities to be picked for The Presidents Cup and now The Ryder Cup; what do you think those qualities are, and why have you been so successful today?

HUNTER MAHAN: I just try to keep going and play golf and try not to do anything more than I can do, because I feel like our good is good enough.

Q. Did you enjoy looking at the scoreboard when you holed that chip, Justin?

JUSTIN LEONARD: I did. That chip was a lot easier with Hunter in there at about eight feet but nice to make that one after a pretty poor iron shot.

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