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Sept. 20, 2008

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Q. Steve, a hard, hard fought match. Do you have anything left in you, either one of you?

STEVE STRICKER: I'm drained. That was so much fun. We weren't supposed to win that match going against Sergio and Paul, but we hung in there and did ourselves good.

Q. Talk us through the putt at 18. That was quite the up and down from a very, very difficult situation?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, I didn't really commit to my utility club out there. I had a perfect utility club and just didn't finish the shot. But the putt was uphill going to the right

Q. You guys' point will let the Americans have the lead going into tomorrow. What's your reaction?

BEN CURTIS: Well, that's awesome. The last few years have obviously been a struggle for our team, but to get a halve when no one expected it, I think that's a great thing.

Q. Steve, have you ever done a better up and down than that?

STEVE STRICKER: I don't know, under the circumstances probably not. But I just wanted to get myself on the green and give myself a putt at it. I felt good about the line that I chose.

I had a lot of good putts. I hit a lot of good ones, made some, a lot of them right over the edge. I putted well, and I'm hitting it well. It was a great experience.

BEN CURTIS: We played a lot better today. We made more birdies. We put a lot of pressure on Sergio and Paul, and it was just a great overall match. It could have gone either way.

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