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Sept. 20, 2008

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STEVE STRICKER: Fortunate we got a halve out of it, and that's the way it was all day. It was back and forth. Never more than 1 up or 1 down the whole day.

Q. Two points up going into tomorrow, got to feel good, right?

STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it's good. The way it ended right here, it's a good start for tomorrow. You have a two point lead and a very important day tomorrow, so we have to come out and play well again.

Q. Talk about the situation where Sergio made the long one and then you made one on top of him. Talk about what you were thinking about there.

STEVE STRICKER: I was like, okay, we are topping this, right here. We're going to top this and let's just keep putting pressure on right there, and it's a situation where you're in must make situations all the time, and so that's the great thing about match play.

Like we were talking all the way around, this is a match we shouldn't win, we shouldn't tie, they are better than us, so let's just take advantage and try to go out and play well; a we have nothing to lose type attitude, and we did. We played well. We kept the pressure on them all day.

You know, it was one of those things that we could have won; they could have won. We missed some coming in, but you know, it was good to get a halve.

Q. You had a good tee shot on 18 and then you probably didn't hit the best was it a rescue club?

STEVE STRICKER: I was a little bit in between and couldn't hit that rescue full out and just tried it take a little off it and hung it out a touch too long. I really didn't like where I was sitting up by the gallery there, but just hard to get it down there and give myself a chance put at it.

Q. Did you have any idea about what it might do? Had you done anything like that on 18 in the practice rounds?

STEVE STRICKER: The chip? No, I wasn't up there chipping at all. Like I said, I wanted to get it on there and give myself a chance put at it, and I did.

JIM FURYK: Graeme McDowell was absolutely on fire today. He played as good of golf as I've seen in The Ryder Cup.

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