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Sept 21, 2008

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Q. You said you would rather be hunting than playing golf; would you rather be hunting than doing Ryder Cup golf?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, I don't think so. This is more right up my alley here.

Q. The crowd has been behind you all week long and you delivered and gave them a show today; what do you think?

BOO WEEKLEY: It's been amazing, it really. Is right now, I can't tell you, to putt it into words or anything. I have to sit down and think about it. I'm still shaking and nervous as all get out.

Q. Talk about playing for your country.

BOO WEEKLEY: It's pretty awesome. It's unreal and it's a dream come true in golf.

Q. The crowd has really loved you this week. Have you fed off that?

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir, I've felt off of it all week long. This is what it's all about. I honestly could not have told you what it was really like, but it's amazing.

It's just so unreal, the feeling that you get. Your arm hairs stand up and you get chills when they start hollering your name and USA.

Q. Do you like hunting and fishing better than Ryder Cup?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, not right now. It ain't nothing like shooting a deer.

Q. You just cheered on J.B. Holmes and he made his birdie putt here at the 16th hole, your match was closed out, tell me what you're feeling now with all this Ryder Cup excitement?

BOO WEEKLEY: The adrenaline, it's just unreal.

Q. After that first tee shot, you put the driver between your legs and rode it off the fairway; what was that?

BOO WEEKLEY: I wanted to hurry and get it over with. I was ready to ride it on to the house because we're ready to celebrate.

Q. What's it like knowing you won a full point for the U.S. Team? You've become the adopted son in Louisville and this crowd loved and you loved them right back.

BOO WEEKLEY: I do. I love them. I appreciate the crowd being here and supporting us. It's been a long time coming. They took it to us the last couple years, and now it's time for us to take it back.

Q. More ways than one to skin a cat and more than one way to ride a horse; you've never been conventional, just a magical day.

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, this whole week has been magical for me and my family. Just to be here, it's breathtaking.

Q. Talk about what's going on inside?

BOO WEEKLEY: I couldn't tell you. My stomach is in a knot. I want to get up here and help J.B. and see if I can pull J.B. through and see if we can win this thing.

Q. You've played super golf and you've been a leader to the team with your enthusiasm.

BOO WEEKLEY: Thank you and I hope I can just carry it ongoing up this fairway right here on 17 and J.B. can close it out.

Q. More fun to hunt and fish or more fun to play in The Ryder Cup?

BOO WEEKLEY: This Ryder Cup is pretty awesome. This is unreal. I think the more we're together, the closer we are going to get. I think we actually became a family and that's something we've been missing in the past, a little bit of laughter and cutting up, and Paul has made it real easy for us. He gave us ping pong and he gave us foosball and he gave us every opportunity to have fun, and if we couldn't take advantage of it, it was our own damned fault, you know what I mean.

Q. Best experience for you ... since?

BOO WEEKLEY: Since having my child.

Q. Could you have imagined going undefeated coming into this event in match play?

BOO WEEKLEY: No, sir, it's been such a long time since I played it, but I couldn't believe it, but it's unreal. Sorry to cut you short but I have to get with my boys here.

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