Friday's Foursome
S. Cink                  
C. Campbell
J. Rose                  
I. Poulter
Friday Foursomes
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Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 5
S. Cink 4 4 3 3 4 5 6 2 4 4 3 4 3 3 5 4 4 4
C. Campbell
J. Rose 4 4 2 3 3 5 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 6
I. Poulter
Match Progress
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HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Rose led off for the Europeans and hit a solid drive down the right side of the fairway. Chad Campbell struck the first shot of the match for Team USA and pushed it into the thicker right rough. Cink lashed it out of the rough and hit it well, but missed the green to the right. Poulter found the green, but left a tough 20-footer over a mound. Campbell hit a nice chip out of the rough to two or three feet of the hole. Rose's birdie putt missed. Cink drained the par putt, and the hole is halved.
25054Campbell hit a good approach shot on this long par 4 to eight feet of the cup. From just off the front of the green, Poulter's putt slid by the hole and stopped about five feet past. Cink missed his birdie putt and Rose made his par. The hole is halved.
32063Rose hit a 5-iron off the tee into this par 3 and put it about two feet from the pin. Campbell hit for the U.S. side and put it 30 feet past the pin, but on the green. Cink missed the long birdie putt, while Poutler tapped in the birdie. Europe goes 1-up.
43754Poulter hit a nice drive down the middle, and Rose followed it up with a short approach shot to about six feet below the hole. Cink hit a long drive and Campbell's short approach nearly went in, hitting the hole and spinning to two feet away. Cink's putt is conceded and Poulter drained his birdie putt. Hole is halved with birdies for each team.
54634Campbell found a fairway bunker from the tee, but Cink hit a good approach to about 20 feet past the cup. Rose hit a perfect drive and Poulter then put the approach about 20 feet below the hole. Campbell just missed. Rose drained his putt for birdie and the win.
65004Poulter hit a straight but shorter drive. Rose's second shot went up the left side and found the edge of the rough, about 30 yards from the green. Poulter's chip attempt was poor and Rose then chipped on the green but just short of the cup. Cink's approach was on the green but 50 feet long of the hole. Both teams then have five-footers left, but Europe was putting for bogey. Poulter made his bogey putt. Campbell's par putt missed left. Both teams bogey and halve the hole.
76015Campbell pulled his tee shot way left on this long par 5. Cink's next shot didn't get back to the fairway and ended up still in the rough. Then Campbell still couldn't advance it far and the U.S. team was still in trouble, 210 yards from the green. Rose hit a good drive and then Poulter played it safe, hitting the team's second shot safely to the right. Cink's shot from a tough, downhill lie in the rough skirted out and into the water. The U.S. team conceded the hole, meanng that Europe won the hole after hitting only two shots.
81804Cink's tee shot on this par 3 was right on target, and stopped about six feet past the pin. Poulter's tee shot found the bunker to the left of the green. Rose's bunker shot went about 12 feet long. Poulter's par putt slid by and Team Europe then conceded Campbell's birdie putt. Team USA wins the hole.
94164The U.S. duo was anxious to make a run on the closing hole of the front nine, but both teams played the hole in conventional fashion. Cink made a good putt for par and the hole was halved.
105945Cink's drive found the rough and Campbell made a good recovery on the lay-up shot. Cink's third shot was right on target, it rolled by the hole and stopped about 10 feet past the cup. The European team was still in the rough after two shots, but a great approach by Poulter left them 10 feet for birdie also. Both teams made their birdie putts and the hole was halved.
112083Rose found trouble with his tee shot and a mediocre chip from Poulter left him 20 feet for par. His par putt slid by and Team USA's par was good enough to win the hole. The Europeans are now 1-up.
124644Cink's chip from by the green was a bit too hard and left Campbell 14 feet for par. Poulter's birdie putt slid by and went four feet past the hole. Campbell made his putt as did Rose, as the teams halved the hole with pars.
133524Both teams hit good shots from the tee on this signature hole. Cink hit his approach shot to 10 feet just left of the hole. Poulter's approach was poor and bounced off the rock wall and into the water in front of the green. Rose hit a nice shot from the drop zone to 10 feet. Campbell drained his birdie putt to win the hole, and the match is now all square.
142153Cink's tee shot found the green, on the lower level. Poulter's tee shot was hit long into the thick rough behind the green. Rose's chip left a long putt for par, and Poulter's putt came up just short. Campbell and Cink two-putt for par to win the hole and took their first lead of the match.
154344Campbell hit a good drive down the right side but Cink's approach shot flew right and found the water beside the green. Campbell took a drop and chipped to about 12 feet past the hole. Europe needed to two-putt from 30 feet to square the match. Rose hit it to two feet. The putt was conceded to give Europe the hole and the match is now all square.
165114After Poulter's drive found the left rough, Rose hit his approach shot well short and well right. Cink's drive was perfect and Campbell's approach was good but ran through the green. Poulter hit a spectacular third shot and put it to two inches of the cup. Cink's putt from just off the green ended up two feet short. Campbell tapped in for par. After several wild momentum swings on the hole, the hole was halved.
174774Rose hit his drive far to the right. Campbell followed with a drive also far to the right. Cink's second shot was from a deep rough and he was only able to advance it 100 yards or so. Poulter, hitting from trampled grass 150 yards from the green, flew it over the green into a deep swale behind the putting surface. Campbell hit the team's third shot from an awkward lie to eight feet of the hole. Rose hit a fairway wood from the swale and the ball rolled right up to the edge of the cup! Cink calmly drained his putt and the hole was halved.
185475The home hole will determine the entire match. Poulter hit the drive for Team Europe perfectly down the left side of the fairway. Cink nailed his drive even farther up the fairway down the left side. Rose came up short, leaving the ball in the big bunker in front of the green. Campbell hit a great second shot that found the green, about 12 feet past the pin. Poulter's shot from the bunker was hit a little aggressively and ran 10 feet past the hole. Cink's eagle putt slid by on the right and ended up three feet long. Rose's putt was left the whole way and drifted about five feet from the hole. Poulter missed the par putt and conceded the birdie putt to Campbell. USA wins the hole and the match.