Friday's Foursome
K. Perry                  
J. Furyk
L. Westwood                  
S. Garcia
Friday Foursomes
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K. Perry 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 3 4 5 3 3 4 3 4 5 5 6
J. Furyk
L. Westwood 3 4 3 3 4 5 5 3 4 5 3 4 3 3 6 5 4 4
S. Garcia
Match Progress
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HoleYardsParHole Highlights
14484Perry received a huge Kentucky roar on the first tee and the hometown boy lapped up the applause. Westwood boomed a drive over the left-hand trees and down the middle. Furyk slid the USA's tee shot down the right, landing in the rough, but the contours bring the ball back onto the fairway. Perry's first shot is from 158 yards, but it leaked into the greenside bunker on the left. Garcia's approach from 144 yards soared high toward the green and landed just nine feet from the cup. Furyk splashed out to five feet before Westwood sank Europe's birdie putt to put him and Garcia 1-up.
25054Garcia sent Europe bombing down the left-hand side with a huge drive that found the rough. Perry's first drive was a beauty, charging down the left-hand side of the 505-yard par 4. Furyk found the green from 140 yards but Westwood put Europe well inside the USA from 123 yards. Perry's birdie chance from 20 feet slid past, but Garcia couldn't take advantage as Europe's birdie chance faded left. Europe remains 1-up.
32063Westwood struck a wonderful 6-iron to around 15 feet. Furyk followed him onto the green but Perry putted first from around 18 feet. Perry got the crowd going by sinking the American putt. Garcia had to hole out from 15 feet for the halve. He missed, much to the delight of the home crowd. Match is back to all square.
43754Perry hit it arrow straight off the tee before Garcia boomed a huge drive over the American ball. But the Europeans found the rough just short of the green on this 375-yard par 4. Furyk's chip lands eight feet from the hole before Westwood executed a beautiful little bump-and-run up the hill to five feet. Perry missed the USA's birdie chance before Garcia just made Europe's birdie, his ball going in the side door on the right-hand side of the cup. Europe moves to 1-up.
54634Westwood drove into the fairway bunker, only to be followed in by Furyk. The USA played first, with Perry finding the green some 25 feet from the hole. Garcia, closer to the lip of the bunker, had the more difficult approach, but the mercurial Spaniard produced one of his trademark approaches to 30 feet. Both teams take two putts and halve the hole with pars. Europe remains 1-up.
65004Garcia struck a fine tee shot down the fairway. Perry found the rough from the tee before Furyk laid it up. Perry conjured a great approach to 12 feet. Westwood hit a disappointing second to a chipping area on the right-hand side of the green. Garcia's pitch was poor by his standards, leaving Westwood 10 feet from the cup. Furyk drained the USA's par putt and Westwood couldn't match him, allowing the USA to get back to all-square.
76015Furyk sent a nice drive down the fairway but Westwood outdrove him by a distance on this 601-yard par 5. Perry hit a great fairway wood and found the green, much to the delight of his home crowd. Garcia flew the green with his fairway wood approach. Westwood got too cute with his chip from some thick rough, the ball not making the green. Furyk's long eagle putt came to rest three feet from the cup, meaning Garcia would need to chip in for the halve. The Spaniard hit a poor putt but Westwood holed the par putt coming back from 15 feet. Perry rendered Europe's par insignificant by rolling home the birdie putt. The crowd went crazy once more as the USA moved to 1-up.
81804Perry caught his tee shot heavy, leaving the ball way short of the green on this par 3. Garcia responded, planting the European ball on the putting surface and setting up a good birdie chance for Westwood. Furyk produced a great little chip to three feet. Westwood missed his birdie chance from 15 feet. Perry knocked in the USA's par putt, but made Garcia putt from two feet. The Spaniard rolled it home, and the USA remained 1-up.
94164Perry and Furyk combined beautifully, with Furyk teeing off before the Kentuckian produced a stunning approach to five feet. Garcia could not take advantage of Westwood's monstrous drive, catching his approach fat and leaving Westwood a long birdie putt. The Englishman made a good attempt, but Europe had to settle for par. Furyk took his time over his putt and missed badly, leaving Perry to hole out from three feet. The hole was halved in four. USA remains 1-up.
105945Garcia played a poor chip from the right-hand side of the green for Europe's third shot, bouncing on the green but running off the other side. Westwood's chip back ran to seven feet but Garcia holed out for the halve. USA remains 1-up.
112083Furyk's approach to the 208-yard par 3 flirted with the hole, but rolled out to around nine feet from the cup. Westwood matched him, peppering the flag and giving Garcia an 11-foot birdie putt. The Spaniard missed on the right while Perry's chance fizzled out to the left. Hole halved, the USA remains 1-up.
124644Westwood hit a great 7-iron approach from 190 yards, his ball landing 15 feet from the cup. Furyk followed him in to 16 feet to set up a fine birdie opportunity, which Perry holed to send the crowd into a frenzy. Garcia couldn't make the European birdie to halve. USA goes 2-up.
133524Garcia hit a great approach to 16 feet and Perry matched it, finding the green and spinning back toward the hole, finishing about 14 feet from the hole. Westwood finally holed a putt to give Europe a birdie. Furyk backed off again before missing his chance. Europe took the hole and cut the USA's advantage to 1-up.
142153Garcia hit a fine approach to the tricky 14th, finding the green with a high, drawing 6-iron to leave Westwood another birdie chance. Perry pulled the USA tee shot into the left-hand rough. Furyk chipped to five feet and, as Westwood missed the European birdie putt, Perry holed out for the halve to keep the USA 1-up.
154344Westwood drilled his drive down the middle. Furyk found the rough, leaving Perry an awkward lie below his feet, but the American dug out a decent approach, finding the back left section of the green. Garcia, wedge in hand, managed to find the water to the right of the green to put Europe in danger of losing the match. The USA made its par to go 2-up with three to play.
165114Perry found the fairway with a 301-yard drive. Garcia took the 3-wood and found the middle of the fairway, some 283 yards from the tee. Westwood cut his approach left and short. Furyk, from 210 yards, came up short but in a better position than the Europeans. Garcia pitched to behind the hole but Perry left his approach short of the cup after electing to putt up the slope in front of the green. Westwood putted first and watched his ball slide past agonizingly. Furyk had a five-foot putt to win the match but missed. USA remains 2-up with two to play.
174774Furyk pushed the American ball right, but Westwood found the sand on the left off the tee. Perry, in the deep rough, chopped out and across the fairway. Garcia lost his footing a little in the bunker, forcing his ball to stay right and leave Westwood a tricky chip. Furyk then produced a great pitch shot to six feet. Westwood chipped on to three feet before Perry missed the American par put, allowing Garcia to tap in to keep the match alive. USA is now 1-up.
185475Westwood found the short grass off the tee before Perry made his first real mistake of the day off the 18th tee, pushing the American drive into the lateral water hazard to give Europe every advantage of grabbing a half-point. After 10 minutes of deliberations, Furyk dropped his ball in the light rough. The American then found the front bunker, leaving Perry a very long bunker shot. Westwood then fired the European approach over the green before Perry attempted his extremely difficult 40-yard bunker shot. Perry flew the ball to the other side of the green. Garcia played safely down the hill, leaving Westwood five feet to go. Furyk steamrolled his par attempt past and then picked up Westwood's marker to concede the hole and halve the match. It ends all square.