Session 2 Foursomes
T. Woods S. Stricker Wins 4 & 3 M. Jimenez P. Hanson
MATCH 1 - FINAL Last update: 10:53 AM
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 5 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 3 5 4 3 4 4 4 3 5
T. Woods 3 5 3 3 4 4 2 4 4 4 5 3 4 3 3
S. Stricker
M. Jimenez 5 5 2 4 4 4 3 4 5 2 5 4 4 5 3
P. Hanson
Match Progress
1Up 1Up AS 1Up 1Up 1Up 2Up 2Up 3Up 2Up 2Up 3Up 3Up 4Up 4Up
Hole Yards Par Hole Highlights
1 465 4
  • Woods and Stricker pair up again for this match
  • Woods to tee off for the Americans on the first
  • Woods hits a big hook to the left down the first
  • Stricker will have to play from a mud patch in the left rough
  • Jimenez and Hanson play their first part the 2010 Ryder Cup
  • Hanson drives straight down the left side of the fairway
  • The large crowd cheer loudly for that drive by Hanson
  • Stricker has the ball below his feet with a decent lie
  • A great response from Stricker who puts it within 5ft
  • Jimenez has hit the ball long and to the right
  • Hanson will have a tricky chip back for three now
  • A good effort from Hanson who sets up a chance for par
  • Jimenez just lacks some pace with his attempt for a par
  • The hole is conceded to the USA
  • USA go 1up
  • 2 610 5
  • Stricker finds the green with about a 12ft putt
  • Jimenez attacks the hole and gets within Stricker's ball
  • Hanson will have an 8ft putt for birdie
  • Hanson just scrapes past the hole for his birdie
  • Jimenez marks the ball and will have a 3ft putt for par
  • Woods and Jimenez both hole their par putts
  • The hole is halved and USA remain 1up
  • 3 189 3
  • Tiger finds the right edge of the green but it rolls off
  • Hanson goes right at the hole from the tee
  • The ball has a soft landing about 5ft above the hole
  • Jimenez sinks the birdie putt to pull the match back to even
  • 4 461 4
  • Stricker finds the middle of the fairway from the tee
  • Woods hits the second within 10ft of the hole
  • Jimenez has all of 20ft to make the birdie here
  • The Spaniard just rolls past the hole for a three
  • Stricker now has the chance to putt for the win on this hole
  • Stricker holes out and the USA go back into the lead
  • 5 433 4
  • Woods tees off first as the USA lead by one
  • Poor putt from Tiger for his birdie
  • Hanson will play from an uphill bunker lie
  • A great delicate shot from Hanson who leaves it a fott away
  • That should be a gimme for Europe here
  • Stricker will putt for par and to half this hole
  • He will need to play this to the outside left of the hole
  • Steve Stricker gets the par for the USA
  • The hole is halved and the USA remain 1up
  • 6 422 4
  • Stricker finds the fairway from the sixth tee
  • Woods takes about five practice swings
  • Woods makes the green but is a long way from the hole
  • Hanson with about 143yards to the green from the fairway
  • A great attacking shot from Hanson who takes the water on
  • To go for the sixth pin you have to take a risk with water
  • Hanson has been rewarded and Jimenez has a 6ft putt to go
  • Stricker lines up the long birdie putt
  • A steady putt by Stricker who leaves it a little short
  • Jimenez will have a birdie putt to win this hole
  • A poor read for Jimenez who pushes it to the right
  • The Europeans pick up and Woods rolls in the par putt
  • The hole is halved
  • 7 213 3
  • Woods hits right over the flag and safely on to the green
  • Hanson's tee shot is good on length but way to the left
  • Jimenez will have a long birdie putt next
  • Stricker rolls it towards the hole and it just drops in
  • The American's ball looked over the left edge and just droppd
  • The USA pair win the hole and go 2up
  • 8 439 4
  • Woods with the second to the eighth
  • He's not happy with the contact but manages to get it close
  • The Europeans miss their birdie chance
  • Stricker will have about 7ft for birdie
  • Stricker misses his chance to win the hole
  • The hole is halved in four
  • 9 580 5
  • Tiger drives into the bunker from the tee
  • Stricker recovers but leaves a 220yard third for Tiger
  • Stricker makes birdie and puts pressure on Jiminez
  • Great effort by Jiminez for his long birdie attempt
  • It just hangs out to the right edge
  • Woods and Stricker win yet another hole and go 3up
  • 10 210 3
  • Stricker stands over the tee shot on ten
  • Woods will have to play the second from the bunker
  • Great response by Jiminez after going three behind
  • He's left Hanson with a 12ft putt for birdie
  • A poor bunker shot from Woods who fails to get out
  • The ball rolls back into the sand
  • The Europeans win the hole after it is conceded by the USA
  • Stricker and Woods remain 2up
  • 11 562 5
  • Stricker puts the second in some thick rough down the right
  • Woods has to play out of some very thick rough
  • Stricker just misses the birdie opportunity but gets the par
  • Jiminez stands over a putt to take the hole
  • Birdie putt missed by Jiminez and the hole is halved in five
  • 12 458 4
  • Tiger's second is all over the flag
  • Stricker will have a put of less than 10ft for birdie
  • Stricker sinks a birdie putt and the USA go back to 3up here
  • 13 189 3
  • Woods takes the wind into consideration on the tee
  • Woods hits a five iron and lands it on the green
  • Hanson to play next
  • Hanson hooks a four iron into the rough
  • Both sets of players get a par and the hole is halved
  • USA remain 3up in this match
  • 14 485 4
  • Woods hits over the water and attacks the pin
  • Great shot from Tiger and leaves a strong birdie chance
  • USA win the hole and go 4up
  • 15 377 4
  • Hanson makes the putt and forces USA to hole out for the win
  • Woods gets his birdie and the USA take this match
  • Wooods and Stricker win the match 5&3
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