Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2023 Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Rome, Italy

There can be few places more hallowed, more treasured, more protected in Ryder Cup folklore than the sanctuaries that are the Team Locker Rooms. 

Usually reserved for just the most important of VIPS - the players, the captains and the backroom staff - they are traditionally the most sacred of spots at a Ryder Cup venue.

Decked out at the behest and design of each and every captain over the years, the interior is meticulously selected and fitted to provide maximum inspiration to the 12 players in the team before they take those daunting steps onto the first tee when competition time beckons.

Now, thanks to some exclusive access, we bring you the 2016 Team Europe locker room in never-before-seen detail...

And if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, let us bring you more insight into the various bits of detail and imagery to be found in the Team Europe locker room at Hazeltine, where captain Darren Clarke has this year left no stone unturned in his bid to accentuate the passion, desire, drive and camaraderie that the contest continually provokes as his side bid for an unprecedented fourth win in as many events.

From the moment you set foot inside the locker room, you get a sense of what's to come. Every inch of space has been carefully designed in the blue and yellow of the European flag to inspire the team.

Lining the walls and corridors around the locker room are a series of inspirational quotes, hand picked by Darren Clarke himself. 

The largest quote is reserved for the Captain himself. "One unit, one team" is displayed above the players' lockers.

Inside those lockers is all the equipment and accessories the players need for the week. From towels and balls... personalised laser rangefinders... issue tees...


... a choice of ball markers...

...and even a wooly hat for the cool Minneapolis autumn mornings.

Everywhere you look the European flag is displayed with pride, an ever present reminder of the continent they represent. This door leads players from the locker room to the team room.

A comfortable area for players to relax and socialise, or even play video games, before or after their rounds.

Huge areas of the team room are filled with custom Team Europe imagery, highlighting various landscapes from the players' hometowns. Again, the pride of place is given to Darren Clarke's native Northern Ireland and the famous Giant's Causeway.

Walking from the team room through to the dining areas, players are greeted with a quote from the film Rocky.

And yet more inspirational imagery when they are filling their plates.

The last area the players will see before walking onto the course, including photos of past legends of the team.

Before they finally set foot outside, the players are left with two quotes; one from the captain and one from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

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