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If you watched the Sunday singles matches at the 2018 Ryder Cup, then you probably noticed Nikolas Simon, perhaps better known as "Wine Guy" on Twitter during the morning hours of Sunday, posted up in the first row of the gallery on the 16th tee box with a bottle of Mouton Cadet wine in one hand.

We tracked down Simon to learn more about him.

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Simon, 33, traveled from his home southwest of Bourdeaux, France – "where they have the better wine," he said – to attend his first Ryder Cup.

What do you need to know about Wine Guy?

"I like golf, red wine and girls as well," Simon said.

Simon arrived at his spot in the first row of the gallery at 10 a.m. local time – five hours before the first players teed off on the hole – to secure a front-row view.

The bottle of wine he had with him was Mouton Cadet Reserve, the official wine of the Ryder Cup:

Wine guy's bottle of Mouton Cadot

Despite being a big golf fan, Simon is more of a viewer than participant.

"Golf?" he said. "(I'm) not so good, I'm better at wine."

Wine Guy joins Cigar Guy as a Ryder Cup cult hero. Cigar Guy dressed up at the 2010 Ryder Cup with the intention of giving tribute to Miguel Angel Jimenez.

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