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What were you doing on Sunday morning?

Stephen Atkinson, a keen golfer and Ryder Cup Europe fan, was at his home in Ascot, England, enjoying a coffee when his doorbell went. To his shock, his guest was 2018 Ryder Cup Europe captain Thomas Bjorn and the Ryder Cup trophy.

Six days earlier, Atkinson had written Bjorn a letter jokingly withdrawing from team consideration. The captain posted the letter to Twitter and it went viral.


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"As Ryder Cup captain I get a few pieces of mail and letters of support from fans and members of public. But this was different" Bjorn said. "I was laughing out loud reading what Stephen had written. I shared the letter on Twitter and it went crazy with thousands of fans commenting about how funny it was. Ultimately I wanted to do something to give back to Stephen, so on Sunday I drove over to see him at his home. Safe to say, he was shocked!"

As Bjorn describes, he and a small film crew arrived at Stephen's home at 10am on Sunday morning and rang the doorbell. Watch the video below to see the moment of surprise.

"The fans play such an important part of the Ryder Cup. The humour, enthusiasm and volume with which their support their teams is on a different level. Le Golf National is going to be an incredible setting for them to come from all over the world and make this Ryder Cup the best and loudest yet. I can't wait."

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