Sept. 22-28, 2025 Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, NY

Europe suffered just their third defeat in the last ten Ryder Cups as the United States claimed a record breaking 19-9 victory at Whistling Straits.

Here, we take a look at what the players had to say after Sunday's singles.

Lee Westwood

"This match I played this afternoon, it might be the last match I've played in the Ryder Cup. I'd rather it wasn't but I'm 49 next April and the likelihood is it is. I got to share it with my son. Won my point. I hate this tournament. It makes you so emotional, but that's what makes it great as well. Everybody knows when they tee up in the links style golf course, Ryder Cup, it's a lottery. You have a chance of winning but it's not guaranteed - like roulette. But they are special moments out there. We get to represent Europe out there this week - it's a big place. The other team gets to represent the USA - big place. Represent a lot of people. If you haven't got pride and passion, then it's not for you. Don't even bother turning up. When we're all in our twilight years, we'll sit down and we may cherish more the friends we've made in the Ryder Cup than the results."

Ian Poulter

“You put a point on the board and that’s all very nice but it doesn’t mean anything. OK, I’m unbeaten in singles – it’s nice personally but this is a team week and it is deflating. As a senior player in the team you don’t really think there is many more left. We have a team of good young players who will take this forward for many years. I've only lost one other one, and it's dismal. You know, watching the guys out on 18 enjoying themselves is something that you come into this week with visions of that happening for you as a team. We've got a great team this week and we were outplayed. Every session was difficult. They did their job, and they made it painful for us today and this one's going to hurt for a bit. But you know what, it's things like that this make you stronger going forward. These things don't come around very often. It's special to put the shirt on. It's special to get around all these guys in a way that you would not imagine. It means a lot in Europe to represent Europe in the Ryder Cup and that's why it hurts and that's why you see all the emotion that you see."

Jon Rahm

"I can say those two days, those matches with Sergio, what it means, the history of the game, an admirer of what Seve and Ollie were able to do, to tee it up with him; he's living Ryder Cup history. To be able to win those matches with him the way we did it, that is undoubtedly the most fun I've had on a golf course by far. I'm hoping I can keep playing good enough to be in this team again. I hope we can repeat it because that is something I want to do again. It meant that much to me. I grew up watching him play, watching Seve and Ollie and that legacy is important. They had a great record. We've started pretty well so far. Not that we are going to beat it but I hope that we have a chance to keep adding to that."

Sergio Garcia

"We've been very fortunate to have a lot of great Spanish players play in the Ryder Cup and doing so much for the Ryder Cup. So I think for both of us to have the chance of playing together these last couple of days and do as well as we did for our team, it was amazing. It's something that Jon and I were very excited about. I think the team was very excited about it and I enjoyed every minute. To be there hitting some shots here and there, and watching what Jon is capable of doing, it was a treat. It was really fun. I'm so proud of them. I love all of them so much and so proud of the way they played. Just have to accept it. The Americans, they played great, they made most of the right shots at the right time and most of the putts when they had to. It's quite simple."

Rory McIlroy

"I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this team, to be a teammate of all these guys, the Captain, the Vice Captains. We've had a great time. The more and more I play in this event, I realise that it's the best event in golf, bar none. I love being a part of it. I can't wait to be a part of many more. It's the best. I don't think there's any greater privilege (than) to be a part of one of these teams, European or American. It's an absolute privilege. I've gotten to do this six times. They have always been my greatest experiences of my career. I have never really cried or got emotional over what I've done as an individual. But this team and what it feels like to be a part of... I was emotional because it's a highly charged event and it sucks to lose, it really does. It sucks and, you know, listening to 'We are the Champions' out there and those guys celebrating, if we have an opportunity in Rome, hopefully I'm on that team and it will make getting that Cup back even sweeter."

Tommy Fleetwood

"This is the first one I played in America, so it's different to my first experience. I think we had each other all week and that was plenty for me and I'm sure for the rest of the guys as well. It's been an amazing week. I know it's not the result that we all wanted but like we shared winning in Paris, and I've won a Ryder Cup, lost a Ryder Cup, and been on each team. The only difference was the result. Being part of Team Europe is the most amazing thing on the planet and I love my whole team from players, Vice Captains, backroom staff. It's all very, very special."

Bernd Wiesberger

"It's tough to describe. First Ryder Cup, just so different, the camaraderie, the team room, the banter, the fun, the joy, even in bad situations like we had on the weekend was tremendous. And very honoured to be part of this team and I'm hoping that this is not going to be my last one. I'm going to push hard to be in plenty more of these. This is a lifetime week for me. Obviously we came here with a different scoreline in the back of the head but I think we were very close there. Just some key moments just didn't go our way and that probably made it look a lot more comfortable in the scoreline than it felt like it was with a lot of games. We reset and we go again in 2023."

Viktor Hovland

"I kind of knew everyone on the team and some of the support staff around before but this week has been unreal, just how we all kind of care for each other and just the atmosphere, we can't replicate it. And these guys were awesome and I look forward to being on another team with them. I feel like we all played some good golf this week but, you know, in matches you're looking for maybe some opportunities, some free holes here and there and we didn't really get them. I don't feel like we got outplayed in that way. We definitely showed a lot of grit. Just didn't go our way. But it was such a cool experience getting to know these guys a lot better. Maybe a little too well. But I can't wait to come back in two years' time and get even closer."

Shane Lowry

"I spent years trying to make a Ryder Cup team and I got here this week and didn't know what to expect. I have probably done something that I only could have dreamed of. I won The Open by six shots in my home country and this week is by far the best week of my golfing career. To be able to share the team room with these boys, to be able to play for Paddy, it's just been so special. I said to the lads last night, I'm having the time of my life and we're six points behind. What's it going to be like when we're leading? No matter how long I play, for the rest of my career, I'll want be to be part of this team. You just form a special bond with people. There's just something there that we'll always have. I had a great moment on the 18th green yesterday and tried to do my bit for the team. We came up obviously a long way short but it's just been an incredible experience and something that I'll remember for the rest of my life."

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