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After hosting the 2016 Ryder Cup that resulted in the first U.S. win since 2008, Hazeltine National in Chaska, Minn., was recently awarded the 2028 Ryder Cup. 

It will mark the first time in history that a course in the U.S. has hosted more than one Ryder Cup. 

Chaska is just on the outskirts of Minneapolis, which has proven itself to be a major sports town, having also played host to the 2017 Super Bowl.

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Here are five reasons -- not even including the tremendous locals -- as to why Hazeltine is a great fit for a second Ryder Cup.

5. It's close to a downtown area. Minneapolis is a great little downtown area featuring fantastic restaurants, a strong music and performing arts scene, beautiful parks and a fun nightlife. After the golf there's always going to be something fun to do and explore.

When the Ryder Cup was there in 2016, the area had utterly perfect weather. 

And there's plenty to do and take in.    

4. Great course, great venue. Not every great course is capable of hosting a Ryder Cup. Hazeltine National is a big ballpark and proved itself more than worthy in 2016. 

And when it comes to a match-play format, there aren't a lot of courses -- especially with the routing in 2016 -- that are quite as exciting as Hazeltine. There were roars that entire week with plenty of eagles and loads of birdies.

A course with plenty of risk-reward is exactly what you want in a Ryder Cup and that's exactly what you get at Hazeltine. 

The singles matches between Patrick Reed/Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson/Sergio Garcia from 2016 will likely go down as two of the most memorable in Ryder Cup history because of the level of play those four players brought to the table.

3. The course lends itself to drama. This piggybacks a little off of No. 4, but when players are making birdies and eagles as frequently as they were at Hazeltine, players are going to get fired up.

We saw that with Reed and McIlroy with the screams and the hushing. What other tournament have you seen Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka throw spirited fist pumps? Or how about Reed nearly breaking Jordan Spieth's hand with a high-five? 

We want drama in a Ryder Cup and Hazeltine has proven it can offer that in spades.

2. Incredible fan support. The presence, the spirit and the enthusiasm of the fans was remarkable in 2016. 

We vividly remember the gates opening early in the morning -- when it was still dark -- and fans sprinting to the first tee. 

We also remember -- in the dark -- the fans at the first tee chanting, singing and getting fired up for the matches to begin up to an hour and a half before the first tee shot was hit. It was a spectacle to say the least.

1. Hazeltine is easy to get to. Hazeltine is about a 20-minute drive from downtown and a 25-minute drive from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Since the course is away from a heavily-populated area, it's a piece of cake to navigate and the traffic was never a real issue.

Seeing as it's in the middle of the country, it's also easy to fly to from either coast in less than 3 hours with a direct fight -- something Minneapolis-St. Paul offers plenty of. 

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